What better way to celebrate Leap Day than with a brand spankin' new iPhone app called Leap? We know we know, another app? But this one is super social, motivating, and lets you challenge (read: one-up) your friends to doing anything from getting the most phone numbers on a Friday night to working out every day for a month.

Leap is the first mobile app designed specifically for group challenges. Users download the free app on iTunes or via SMS, create challenges with friends and start competing by snapping photos and earning points.Think how many times you've snapped a pic of a cocktail, texted it to your bestie, and then she sends you a pic back? And then you send another. And another. Well its time to get your game on. Not only do you win glory, but you can help motivate your friends and yourself to do ridiculous, inspiring, and totally silly things.

More examples? Ok! Say you happen to be someone who's got a knack for spotting rainbows. Challenge a fellow color-lover to spot 10 rainbows in a day, capture them with your iPhone, and whoever reaches 10 first wins. Maybe you're a microbrew lover and your best friends from college, who live in Chicago, New York, Philly and San Antonio, also love a good craft beer. Challenge them to try 5 different craft beers in a night, take photos of each beer label and see who gets there first. We love the idea of using challenges as a way to keep up with friends near and far.

Our favorite Leap-suggested challenges include Inbox Zero (we need to do this!), Hipster Hunt (if you live in SF or NY you're disqualified for it being way too easy) and Work It Out (get those New Year's gym resolutions in check).

What will you challenge your friends to do? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Twitter. We'd love to see what you come up with!