Vimeo, vimeo, wherefore art thou Vimeo? You guessed it. We are head over heels in love with Vimeo and the people who make it work. Don't get us wrong, YouTube has a time and a place, but Vimeo's community of creative, daring, innovative filmmakers is one of many things that gets us super inspired on a daily basis. That's why today, to celebrate the art of filmmaking, we're giving away 3 Vimeo Plus Memberships to 3 aspiring filmmakers.

Whether you call yourself a filmmaker or not, we bet you've got hours of footage on that digital camera or smartphone of yours, and just need a place to help you get creative and start sharing. And who would Team Brit be if we didn't want you to embrace your creativity? With Vimeo Plus you get 10 times more space for your videos, HD embedding capability, full video player customization, and a completely ad-free environment. Plus, the Vimeo iPhone app is oh-so-lovely!

And speaking of inspiring award winners, this weekend brings us the Academy Awards! You've got the star-studded Jello shots and picture perfect mani, but it's time to take your emerging filmmaker knowledge to the next level on Vimeo. We always start our Vimeo exploration with the Staff Picks Channel, but some our other favorite channels include Short of the Week, Independent Filmmakers, and the beautifully shot music-filled Takeaway Shows. And be sure to check out our Vimeo profile for all our Creative Living episodes in full HD glory.

To enter this giveaway, here's what to do (in the comments below):

1) Tell us the name and director of your favorite film.
2) Tell us why you want to make films and share them on Vimeo.
3) Extra Credit: Share a link to a recent film you've made!

Update: Paul Holze, Stuart Dawson, and Shawn Obi-Wan Smith were selected as the three winners of our Vimeo Plus Giveaway. Thanks for all of your entries, and stay tuned for more giveaways here at Brit!