apple wwdc ios 9

While all the hype yesterday coming out of Apple’s WWDC 2015 keynote centered around the intro of Apple Music, new iOS 9 features like News and the latest OS El Capitan, one majorly useful upgrade for smartphone users debuted under the radar. The undercover app coming to iOS 9 is called Move to iOS and it’s going to provide plenty of Android to iOS converters a major relief.

android migration ios 9 app

For longtime Android loyalists that have always been cautiously curious about Apple devices and were *so* impressed by the WWDC keynote yesterday that now plan on switching teams, the Move to iOS app will be your savior when it comes time for that tech border hop.

After DLing it onto your ready-to-retire Android, you’ll be able to wirelessly transfer everything from contacts, bookmarks + calendars to photos, videos, songs and more without the assistance of a cable or the cloud. Look at you Apple, trying to get that adoption rate up even higher. We see you ;)

apple wwdc ios 9

While apps won’t be transferred over for obvious reasons — darn you, incompatibility — the app will help you rebuild that impressive library of useful (and fun) applications you’ve built. For the free ones you’ve downloaded — think Brit + Co ;) — a suggestion list will be provided in the App Store for quick re-DL time. Then with those that you’ve paid for, they will be added to your iTunes Wish List for easy second time buying. It’s like you’ve got your very own Apple Genius assisting you with the transition.

With the release of the Move to iOS app and the Android version of Apple Music coming in the fall, Apple definitely is showing it isn’t scared of a little competition.

Android users, will you be migrating over to Apple when iOS 9 is released? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via Apple)