As the hosts of the 2019 Golden Globes on Sunday, January 6, Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh delivered a wholesome performance that kept the show rolling on a positive note. As is the case with most hosts, though, they had a lot of (very funny!) material they didn’t end up using. Fortunately for us, Samberg decided to share a few of the rejected jokes on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday, January 9.

“There’s so little time,” the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star explained. “There were a lot of jokes we really loved that we didn’t get to cover and I thought, if it was okay with everyone here, I would just bang through a bunch that we didn’t get to do.”

The crowd seemed happy to oblige, so Samberg rattled off a few of his favorite gems, including a quip about one of 2018’s biggest blockbusters. “Crazy Rich Asians is up for two awards,” he began. “And crazy rich white people are up for the remaining 200.” Boom!

He also had a couple about Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma. “Guys, do yourself a favor: Go out and watch this one on the biggest phone you can find,” he said, pausing for laughs and then explaining that the film is on Netflix. “Roma is such an emotional experience. When it was over, I literally sat there and cried for a full five seconds before Netflix started blasting a new movie where Kurt Russell plays Santa Claus.”

Samberg then mentioned the movie BlacKkKlansman, which, “judging by the upper and lowercase lettering in the title, is also a Wi-Fi password.” (John Mulaney wrote that one.)

On the TV side, he poked fun at The Good Place, “a philosophical afterlife comedy that asks complicated questions like, ‘Can Ted Danson still get it?’ Not that complicated — the answer is yes.”

The list of rejected jokes went on for a while, with quips about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Homecoming, Green Book, and A Star IsBorn, the latter of which gave us this gem: “Netflix beat out Amazon tonight as the most nominated streaming service, while the best streaming scene was Bradley Cooper wetting himself in A Star Is Born.”

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(photo via Lloyd Bishop/NBC)