Although Frozen was released over a year ago, fans are showing no signs of forgetting about the snowy flick – in other words, they really don’t want to let it go (sorry, had to). We’ve seen an Elsa inspired wedding or two, so many Frozen themed birthdays and the two singing sisters are even helping kids learn to code.

Whenever a film is a mega hit there is always one thing you can count on: fan art. And boy, does Frozen have its share. The most recent pieces making waves are these two photo-realistic portraits of Anna and Elsa that imagine what the sisters would look like as real girls.

The genius behind these images is Finnish-born/Australian-based artist, Jirka Väätäinen. He received some attention last year after he released a similar series of pieces which imagined what other famous Disney characters would look like if they were real (spoiler alert: Ariel still has the best hair ever), but he left Anna and Elsa out of the collection until recently.

If you’re wondering just how Väätäinen gets all these characters to look so freakishly real, his technique involves a combination of digital painting and photo composition.

It’s no secret that Disney has been criticised about some unrealistic features in their characters – super small waistlines, inaccurate time period clothing and don’t even get us started about those impossible hair expectations we all grew up with. And while, yes, these are still a paintings and not actual photos, it’s refreshing to see Anna and Elsa looking just as stunning with a realistic spin as they do in the movie.

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(Photos via Jirka Väätäinen and Facebook)