We’re still reeling over the news that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are separating after eight years of marriage. But we take at least a little comfort in the fact that Faris’s book, with a foreword written by Pratt himself, is still set to come out this fall.

Due to be released on October 24 from Dutton, Anna Faris Is Unqualified (yes, that’s the name of the book) is likely to be a bittersweet read, for a number of reasons. The book’s description claims that it will “reveal [Faris’s] unique take on how to navigate the bizarre, chaotic, and worthwhile adventure of finding love,” as well as tell her “candid, sympathetic, and entertaining stories of love lost and won.”

An excerpt published by Entertainment Weekly in April shows the way in which Faris addresses the relationships in her life. She writes, “If your closest friends stop showing up to your barbecues, you’re probably in a bad relationship. And if you opt for kindness over teasing, you’re probably in a good one.”

Considering Faris and Pratt always seemed to be able to make each other smile, it certainly appeared as if they were in one of those good relationships. But only they know what’s between them, and even if a relationship is good, it’s not necessarily made to stand the test of time.

No word yet on what Pratt’s foreword will say, but if his past sentiments about her are any indication, his part of the text will be just as lovely as their time together was.

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(h/t Entertainment Weekly; photos via Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Maxim)