How to Make This $3600 Anthropologie Acrylic Wall Art for Next to Nothing
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How to Make This $3600 Anthropologie Acrylic Wall Art for Next to Nothing

Art, just like your fashion choices, can make a statement about your personality and set the mood of your home. Unfortunately, being an art collector can be expensive (take for example, this beautiful Anthropologie Studied Blush Wall Art ($3,598), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an original art piece! Today we’re doing a DIY Copycat to make our own version of this abstract wall art. All you need is paint, a paintbrush and a canvas for your masterpiece. It’s super easy, budget-friendly home decor and it will look like a million bucks when you’re done. This is a beginner level wall art project so don’t worry, you got this! But if you want to practice beforehand, check out our Acrylic Painting online class.

The key to creating this painting (that will make you look like a pro) is to paint in thin layers, letting the layers build up to create a complex blend of colors.

Materials + Tools:

  • — paintbrushes
  • — acrylic paint (pink, red, green, blue, yellow, navy blue, white)
  • — paper plate or palette
  • — canvas


  1. Ready, set, paint!

  2. Begin your painting by using a wide brush to paint a light base color like a pale pink or light yellow. This is a trick that artists use so the bright white of the canvas isn’t visible under layers of paint and it doesn’t mess with your perception of colors. Use a light scrubbing motion for a thin layer of paint, and don’t worry about getting perfect coverage.

  3. Remember to paint the sides of the canvas with your base color. This will create a finished look no matter where you’re standing!

  4. Once the first layer of paint is dry, add a few areas of dark pink on top. Continue adding more colors, allowing the layers to dry in between. Try not to add water to your paint — but if you do, remember when mixing your color that it will dry a bit darker. The drying time for acrylic paint is about three to four minutes, and you can use a blow dryer to speed it up.

  5. Pro-tip: With acrylic paint, the layers will start blending together if you keep painting over the same spot, so don’t do this unless you want the colors to mix. You can, however, blend the edge of your brushstroke into the painting for a softer finish.

  6. This wall art has the perfect colors to decorate for spring and would look beautiful in a nursery!

  7. Show us your painting masterpiece on Instagram with the hashtag #iamcreative!








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