Oh, the smart watch. It’s a convenient, integrative piece of mobile tech innovation that amazes us at every turn. But sometimes, with a device as classic as a watch, less is more. Or at least that’s what this Portland brand is trying to prove with their anti-smart watch. It’s simple, it’s old-fashioned and it’s made of wood.


Grovemade is known for its wooden Apple accessories, from sleek laptop sleeves and phone cases to minimalist docks and monitor stands, but its latest offering is in fact the antithesis of an Apple product — in function, anyway. From an aesthetic perspective, it’s every bit as simple as you’d expect from an accessories brand associated with the global tech giant. Just don’t expect it to make a call, send a text or tell you the weather.


Grovemade partnered with watchmaker Stephan Andren to produce the watches, which sell for a cool $239. They come attached to a vegetable-tanned leather strap and are available in maple or walnut with a square or round face. In other words, it may not come with any bells, whistles or apps, but for those of us trying to bring our tech addictions back down to a manageable level, that might actually be a good thing.

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