You’ve overcome the troubles of coordinating movers and buying all your furniture, but alas, the struggle isn’t over yet. A lack of storage space is probably one of the first problems encountered while living in a small space, largely due to a shortage of closets and cabinets. Lucky for everyone, there are always ways to get around it. From canvas bins to contemporary shelves, the following 13 B+C Shop products are here to make your lives just a little bit easier (and neater).

1. Haberdashery House ($33): While this tiny house is pictured holding spools of thread and needles, you could use it for just about anything. We suggest hanging it on your kitchen wall as a whimsical spice rack.

2. Etc. & Stash Canvas Bucket ($22): One side says “stash” and the other says “etc.” Basically, this cloth bucket is for everything that fits into those categories in your life, from your kiddo’s craft supplies to your ever-growing collection of scarves.

3. Utility Tin ($20): How retro is this cutie? This tin will certainly brighten up any room its in — perhaps your oh-so-blah desk at work.

4. Pantone Metal Storage Box ($16): A storage container decorated with the simplicity of a Pantone color chip is beautiful. And as if it couldn’t get any better, this box is on sale. It’s time to stock up!

5. Triangle Open Shelf ($30): This open shelf is both innovative and aesthetically pleasing. It would also make a great addition to a gallery wall due to its perfect picture frame-holding size.

6. Stone Canister ($15): Unfortunately, kitchens often get sucked into the dull tones of metal appliances and wooden cupboards. These fun canisters add in colorful accents, all while storing your favorite pastas and grains.

7. Home Storage System ($20): You may not be able to watch Game of Thrones or Friends reruns on this canvas television set, but for its storage capacities alone, it’s a home entertainment purchase we can all get behind.

8. It’s a Box of Crap ($8): Speaking of Friends, remember Mike’s fake name Crap Bag? Well, this is essentially an evolved version of that, with the added benefit of storage.

9. Classic Station ($30): Whether its at home or at work, desk spaces are often the first to get cluttered. This station will hold your essentials and charge your phone at the same time, so everybody wins.

10. Prisma Accessory Organizer ($15): For those of you who are sick of cubes and pyramids, here’s your new favorite shape. This organizer maximizes jewelry storage by allowing you to string earrings through the little rod at the top and to store larger pieces on the felt bottom.

11. Pondicherry Green Hessian Sack ($79): This sack is one of the larger pieces on this list, making it the ideal kids toy holder (among many other things). Chic playrooms, here we come.

12. Cubist Shelf ($50): This hip shelf is perfectly contemporary because it fits in with many different types of design, from eclectic to mid-century modern. It all comes down to what you choose to display (and we hope that includes an adorable succulent).

13. Catch-All Tray ($18): The name says it all — this tray will catch any little thing you toss into it. Try keeping it by your front door (for your keys and mail), or in the bathroom (for your makeup and hair products).

Got any special storage tips? Share them with us in the comments below.