Being on top of your beauty regimen can get really expensive. Unless you’re rollin’ in it, a 14-step Korean skincare routine may be out of reach. But who says you have to be rich to have a #flawless complexion? Thankfully, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to get your beauty on — and many of those hacks come from right in your kitchen. Cue apple cider vinegar. This tried-and-true foodie ingredient will transform your beauty game in just a couple of days. From lackluster locks to acne-prone skin, this do-it-all product will solve the majority of your skincare/haircare woes. Need more proof? Here are eight ways to use apple cider vinegar ASAP.


1. Get Rid of Dandruff: Let’s say your locks are going through some beauty turbulence and they need some help ASAP. That’s where ACV (apple cider vinegar) comes in. ACV has natural anti-fungal properties, which help heal a flaky scalp. All you need to do is create a solution with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar and apply directly to your scalp. Feel free to add an essential oil for added moisture.


2. Acne Spot Treatment: Did some unwelcome guests invite themselves to the party… on your face? Well, don’t stress out (seriously, it will make your acne worse). Just dampen a Q-tip with a little bit of ACV and use it to spot-treat your problematic areas, then let it sit overnight. This miracle treatment will restore some much-needed acidity to your skin while removing extra dirt and unwanted oily buildup.


3. Relieve Sunburn: If you’ve been beach-bummin’ all summer, your skin has probably suffered a few sunburns here and there. If that happens again, try using ACV to heal your sun-damaged complexion. Create a mixture with one part ACV and four parts water and apply directly to burned skin. Because of ACV’s anti-inflammatory properties, this solution will reduce the swelling, pain and redness from your sunburn almost instantly.


4. Clean Your Makeup Brushes: While cleaning your brushes with soap and water gets the job done, there’s an extra step you should take to really get the dirt out — clean your brushes with an equal parts water and ACV solution. Apple cider vinegar’s anti-bacterial agents will thoroughly disinfect your brushes, which is important, given that product buildup on your makeup tools is an express ticket to acne town.


5. Tone and Tighten Pores: In addition to getting rid of acne, ACV will help tone and tighten your pores — and who doesn’t love that? Create an ACV and water mixture (you really can’t go wrong with this combo), dab it on a cotton ball and swipe it all over your face. This will help balance your skin’s pH levels and prevent your skin from breaking out.


6. Remove Product Buildup: Ever wonder why your shampoo stops giving you those just-from-the-salon results after a while? Well, it could be because of product buildup. One of the greatest things about ACV is that it can help cleanse your scalp, but it’s also a good idea to use it once or twice a month to remove product buildup. Don’t worry — the smell won’t be there after you get out of the shower. (Photo via Getty)


7. Soothe Itchy Skin: Nothing is worse than itchy, irritated skin, amiright? Instead of using runny ointments or thick lotions loaded with fragrance, rub a natural ingredient like ACV over any irritation to soothe your itchy woes. Or, when you take a bath, pour in some ACV and soak in it. Soon your skin will feel good as new.


8. Remove Nail Polish Stains: While it’s totally chic to redo your nails on a weekly basis (always keep ’em guessing), sometimes that lingering polish can stain your digits. If your nails have been looking a little yellow lately, dip them into a bowl of ACV to gradually get rid of the color.

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