The Unicode overlords and ladies have been a little behind the times when it comes to the world of emoji. For all their recent big releases, we didn’t have pregnant woman emoji or faces for people in interracial relationships until LAST YEAR, and red heads are still waiting for their emoji day in the sun.

Still, they have been taking steps forward: We definitely dug the recent lineup depicting women in professional roles. Now, they’ve given us another new release that’s possibly just as exciting — the mermaid (and gents — it looks like we’ll also be getting a merman).

And that’s not all: We’ll also be getting elves straight out of Lord of the Rings, fairies, a breastfeeding woman (!!), genies, a brain, a giraffe, a pretzel, a sandwich, a UFO, a mind-blown face, a swearing face, male and female yogis, and so much more!

The new emoji won’t be out until June 30, so we’ve still got a while to wait. And it’s possible that not all of them will make the cut, as these are still beta versions. However, given the popularity of all things merpeople RN, they’d be silly NOT to make one. We can’t wait!

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(h/t Nylon; photos via Getty)