National Burger Day just came early! Though the holiday is regularly celebrated on May 28, Applebee’s has just given us reason to celebrate early. The neighborhood chain has introduced the most extravagant version of the summer staple we’ve ever seen, topping even Domino’s India’s pizza burger (yes, it’s a thing).

In a post uploaded to its Instagram account, the restaurant introduced the world to — wait for it — the Cheetos burger bomb!

The little delight is exactly what it sounds like: a bacon cheeseburger coated and deep-fried in Cheetos tempura batter, then coated with Cheetos dust. The result is a round, golden-brown treat that’s served with curly fries, coleslaw, and Cheetos aioli ($13).

It’s not exactly easy to get your hands on, however. In addition to being, well, overseas — the burger is only available in the United Arab Emirates — it’s also a VIP menu item, meaning you’ll need to sign up for the chain’s email list to get in on the action.

Honestly? This just might be worth it.

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 (Photos via Scott Olson/Getty)