There are some things that are always dependable and stable. Things you can always count on, like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, birds migrating south before winter, the PSL showing up in the fall and Ariana Grande’s hairstyle (other than that brief moment when she showcased her natural curls. LOVE.). These things are never-changing, right? WRONG. Something has changed on that list, and it’s not the first two. Yes, Ariana Grande has changed her hair color, but don’t worry, her iconic half-pony is still there. It’s just not that honey-brunette color anymore.


Two days ago, the “One Last Time” singer teased her fans on Instagram with this pixelated image and the caption, “#17daysTilFocus.”


Last night, Ariana posted this un-pixellated version on her Instagram along with the caption, “#16daysTilFocus new single ‘Focus’ #oct30 shot by@alfredoflores.” Yep, the pint-sized singer/part-time kitten is now a platinum blonde. Okay, so we know that the hair is for her new single “Focus” and we don’t have word yet whether that’s a bleach job or a wig, but all we know is that the world will never be the same.

But hey, change is good.

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(h/t MTV, photos via Larry Busacca/Getty + @arianagrande)