I have a beauty confession to make: I’ve always used super basic makeup brushes with the exception of a couple of brand-name brushes I’ve had for years (don’t judge me; I clean them regularly). I’m here to tell you I’m a changed woman, though, because I’ve come to realize that the brushes you use to apply your makeup are just as important, if not more important, than the makeup itself. Think about it: You can have the best product in the world, but if your application tool isn’t up to par, the product won’t look its best either — it’s like using a blunt knife to slice anything when you’re cooking. That’s why now, I’m a firm believer in investing in a set of high-quality brushes that will last you a long time and ensure you have the best possible application, and I’ve officially found ones I can call my holy grail makeup brushes.


I was introduced to Artis Makeup Brushes in June, and I can honestly say these brushes are unlike anything I’ve ever seen or used. First of all, just look at them: they look more like hairbrushes than your typical makeup brushes. But the design isn’t just about standing out from the crowd. While standard makeup brushes were designed for makeup artists to do makeup on someone else, these were designed to do makeup on yourself. That means the grip is totally different than typical brushes — you hold these like you would a pencil (yes, it feels really weird at first, but this grip ends up giving you much more control thanks to the brushes’ ergonomic design).


The Artis brushes work with any type of product: liquids (foundation, skincare, highlighters); powders (pressed, loose); balms; shadows; liners and even lip products. They’re designed to only keep product on the very tip of the bristles, which results in a faster, more even and smoother application — some people claim they’ve cut their makeup routine in half when using these babies (challenge = accepted). The brushes feel more like tools, as they should, and I’m totally obsessed with them. Here’s why:


What They Are: Artis Makeup Brushes ($32 – $72 individually; also available in sets) are ergonomically designed brushes that work with the contour of your face, resulting in a flawless application. Their special brush fibers evenly distribute product across the skin, in less time and with less effort.

Where You Can Find Them: These brushes are available online, at Neiman Marcus and at Bergdorf Goodman.


Who Should Use Them: The Artis Makeup Brushes are for people who want durable, versatile and high-quality makeup brushes. They’re also for those who want a flawless, fast and simple makeup application — and honestly, who doesn’t? You don’t have to be a makeup amateur or a makeup pro for these to work well for you because they’re foolproof to use but still deliver professional results. The way in which you hold these brushes takes a bit of time getting used to, but once you’ve spent a couple days using them, you won’t even remember how you used your old makeup brushes. Promise!

When You Should Use Them: You should use these brushes for basically any makeup look you’re going for; their brushes are multi-purpose and designed to apply different product types + textures. The possibilities are endless with these, so you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

Why This Is My Beauty Confession: I love using these makeup brushes — truly. I use a loose powder foundation every day, and before, it would take me two or three applications to achieve the coverage level I was after. The Artis Makeup Brushes get me there in literally half the time, so beyond the perfect application, I’m allll about how they save me minutes in the mornings. I also appreciate how they offer a range of uses, because if I’m spending money on quality makeup brushes, I want to get a ton of use out of them. I’m pretty set when it comes to these brushes — I don’t see myself using any others for a long time. Artis FTW!

What makeup brushes do you use? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.