There’s no art form more romantic than watercolor painting. The soft brush strokes and colorful palette are more than enough to send any DIY gal’s heart a flutter. And while minimalist design tattoos are always trending, some of us are looking to go a bit bolder — in a delicate sort of way. Enter these whimsical watercolor tattoos, perfect for making a statement and showing off your softer side. Scroll through these 15 gems and find inspiration for your next tat.

1. Constellation: Behind every stunning constellation is an even grander myth. Tell a story with a tattoo that’s meaningful to you.

2. Pink Flamingo: Not afraid to stand out from the crowd? Wear a watercolor interpretation of your favorite exotic bird. Choose a discreet placement for an HR-friendly adornment.

3. Star Gazing: Get an ink that’s out of this world. Whether you’re an avid stargazer or you’re still obsessed with Sailor Moon, channel those celestial vibes with a watercolor galaxy tattoo.

4. Flower: Never let those winter blues get you down. Make spring happen on the daily with a front-and-center floral tattoo.

5. Pisces: Pisces are said to be compassionate, gentle and artistic. Do your astrological sign proud with an artsy homage to your birth sign.

6. Whales: She’s the Lorelei to your Rory! That right, we’re talkin’ about your mom. Celebrate Mother’s Day — and the sacred bond between mother and child — with a heartwarming pair from the animal kingdom.

7. Bouquet: Celebrate a moment in full bloom. This bright, luscious floral tat is perfect for marking a particularly meaningful time in your life — plus it’s just plain gorgeous.

8. Crown: We’re loving this spin on the watercolor trend. Contrast a monochromatic tat with a splash (or two) of color for a look that’s as multifaceted as you are.

9. Jellyfish: That girl is pretty and dangerous. Flaunt your don’t-mess nature with a symbol that shows you’re more than just a pretty face.

10. Bird: What’s more freeing than taking flight? Put your free spirit on display with a brightly colored soaring bird.

11. Cat: Cat lovers, this one’s for you! Wear your feline love on your sleeve (or your thigh), and show everyone where your heart always lies.

12. Semicolon: A semicolon isn’t just for punctuation. Bring awareness to mental health issues with a watercolor tat inspired by The Semicolon Project.

13. Rabbit: Geometric tats take an adorable turn with this watercolor-infused rabbit tattoo. This cute inspo will have you hopping to the tattoo parlor ASAP.

14. Triangle: Torn between a geometric and watercolor tattoo? Don’t limit yourself! Opt for a fun hybrid of the two to show off both your artistic and edgy sides.

15. Landscape: Watercolor doesn’t always have to be so sweet. Go bold (and abstract) with an awe-inspiring surrealist landscape tat.

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