Country music sensation Ashley Monroe has a busy holiday weekend ahead of her. The 29-year-old musician is not only spending Valentine’s Day with her hubby, Chicago White Sox pitcher John Danks, she’s also headed the Grammys on Monday night where she’s nominated for three awards. Considering the next few days bound to be filled with some major red carpet and date night beauty moments, we decided to catch up with Ashley to get the exclusive scoop on how she preps for these sort of occasions. Scroll on down to discover her favorite products, quick beauty hacks and how she gets red carpet ready in a pinch.

1. B+C: What’s your pre-date beauty routine and favorite “date night” beauty +hair products?


AM: I love slapping on Patchology Eye Patches ($75) before going out. They take down swelling and they feel great! Before date night I like to spritz on a bit of Kai Body Glow ($26). Smells amazing… And gives the skin a beautiful, subtle… well, glow :)

2. B+C: What is your favorite date night hair look? What is a 5-min style you (and our readers) can do yourself?


AM: A low messy bun… works every time. (Pssst, if you want to learn to master the messy bun check out our tutorial!)

3. B+C: What is your favorite feature to play up when doing special date night makeup? How do you play it up?

AM: I have big eyes so I like playing them up for date night…very subtly though. Make him think it’s all natural ;)

4. B+C: What if you have a crazy packed day topped off with a date?

ysl concealer

AM: If you have a crazy day and need to get ready for date FAST…I suggest concealer. A touch more concealer (I love YSL), mascara and lipstick. Give the tresses a little brush and fluff and you are ready to go. Oh yah. And gum or mints…

5. B+C: Red Lips are having a moment (this year AND this season for V-Day) what is your favorite red lipstick?


AM: My favorite red lipstick is Ruby Woo by MAC ($27)… So beautiful! And stays put! (Double check teeth when wearing red lipstick… :)

6. B+C: What is your tip/trick for the most kissable lips?


AM: Pur-lisse lip treatment.

7. B+C: What is the one beauty/date night trick, product or technique that your husband actually noticed (and loved)?

AM: When I first got eyelash extensions (I’ve had for a while now…my nickname is Lashley) a couple days had gone by and John just kinda cocked his head to the side and said “Did your eyelashes grow?.” That is literally the only time he’s noticed something beauty related.

What beauty look do you have planned for Valentine’s Day? Snap a selfie and tag us in it on Instagram @britandco.

(Photo via Larry Busacca / Getty)