The Queen of Snooze 鈥 it sounds so regal, doesn鈥檛 it? But to most of us, it feels more like a tornado of panic as we run around in circles trying to get ready. Big decisions are being made in mere milliseconds: To shower or not to shower? Probably not. How important is blush really? Very important. Is matching our lipstick to our shoes really necessary? Always. We鈥檝e gone ahead and rallied a set of tips and tricks we like to think of as Snooze Queen Boot Camp. Here are 16 beauty hacks that will get you up and out the door in 10 minutes flat.

1. Skip the Morning Cleanse: We know this sounds bananas, but as long as you鈥檝e washed your face squeaky clean the night before, it鈥檚 not the end of the world if you skip a day here and there. Just remember: Toner. Moisturizer. SPF. And go. (via Michelle Phan)

2. Quick Scarf Styling: The perfect accessory 鈥 look cute and put together every time. There鈥檚 no need for introductions. Scarves and messy bed head are total besties. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Start With the Eyes: If leaving sans eye shadow is a no-no for you, get your eye shadow on first. This prevents you from wasting precious time picking flecks of pigment off your foundation. (via Prevention)

4. Pinch Your Cheeks: No time for blush? Not a problem. Back in the day ladies were aces at creating a natural blush by pinching their own cheeks. Get to it. Pinch those apples 鈥檛il they鈥檙e nice and rosy. (via College Candy)

5. Dry Shampoo: Hands down, this is one of the best beauty inventions ever. Don鈥檛 believe us? Try it for yourself. Here鈥檚 a little how-to that will make you a DS pro in no time. (via Elle)

6. Microfiber Towel: Alright, miss speedster, you鈥檝e managed to fully shower in three seconds flat. Well done. Don鈥檛 let that towel hold you back. Get your osmosis on and dry your tresses quicker than you can say microfiber. (via Glo)

7. Beachy Hair: No time for a shower? We got this. Throw those locks into pigtails. Texturize. Diffuse. Release. Bam. Beach hair in five. (via Refinery 29)

8. Two in One: Beauty goodies you can throw on your lips AND your cheeks? No way! Actually, yes way. Show no fear. There鈥檚 no room for uni-tasking when you鈥檙e sprinting out the door. (via Glo)

9. The Topknot: Ever thought of not owning a brush? Gasp no more. Adorable hair in three easy steps is a reality. Not only is messy okay, it鈥檚 our straight-up mission. (via Burton)

10. Perfect Cupid鈥檚 Bow: No more fussing with lip shape. We ain鈥檛 got time for that. Wrangle that lipstick in by laying down the law with this easy-peasy tip. And don鈥檛 give us no lip about it. (via Makeup)

11. Nighttime Braids: Want perfectly wavy hair without sparing those few extra minutes of shuteye in the morning? Throw your hair into braids post p.m. shower, sleep and voila! You鈥檝e got mad style sans the work. (via Glo)

12. Three Minute Contour: Can鈥檛 go without that contour, huh? Neither can we. Might as well make it quick. We recommend practice rounds 鈥檛il you perfect it. Think fire drills for your face. (via Beauty Banter)

13. Citi Bike Blowout: No time for a proper blowout? Air drying alone not doing the trick? Fear not. That bike ride to work might be just what you鈥檙e looking for. (via Into the Gloss)

14. Knotted Braid Side Ponytail: This is something you鈥檒l probably be into 鈥 easy hairstyling you can do just about anywhere: on the train, in the bus, at your desk. No prep time is needed, and sans mirror is best. Change things up on the regular鈥 because you can. (via Goldfish Kiss)

15. Eye Makeup With Your Fingers: Who鈥檚 got time for brushes when you鈥檙e trying to catch the train? Not us. Make use of that index finger, pat on your favorite eye shadow and get to steppin鈥. (via The Beauty Bean)

16. Go Rouge: There鈥檚 no better way to look put together than with a set of rouge lips. Full makeup, sans makeup, hair up, hair down 鈥 throw on your favorite lips and make any prep time look complete. (via

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