Over the past few months, women have bravely raised their voices against sexual harassment and assault, and as a result, powerful men have dropped one by one from their positions of privilege. It鈥檚 a story that has dominated the news cycle since October, and it started with several high profile accusations in the entertainment industry. Friday, the Associated Press recognized the power of these 鈥淗ollywood Accusers鈥 by naming them Associated Press Entertainer of the Year.

It鈥檚 an honor that in recent years has gone to artists like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lady Gaga. This year though, it seems the AP couldn鈥檛 bestow the honor on just one individual, as it has been the collective voice of women that has captivated the attention of the world.

The tidal wave of sexual misconduct revelations has arguably hit the entertainment industry hardest of all. The movement began in October, with the New York Times expose of producer Harvey Weinstein鈥檚 alleged predatory behavior, and was quickly followed by the downfall of Hollywood giants like Kevin Spacey and Louis C. K.

It wasn鈥檛 long before the movement reached the kings of media, with allegations bringing down giants like Charlie Rose, Terry Richardson, Michael Oreskes, Matt Lauer, and Garrison Keillor.

Then it was onto politics. Democratic Senator Al Franken is the highest ranking politician to step down in the face of harassment allegations, but they鈥檝e been leveled against dozens of other individuals. The more than a dozen women who have accused President Donald Trump continue working to have their voices heard in the face of an administration that has all but ignored allegations of sexual misconduct against members of the party.

The AP joins Time in their celebration of this watershed moment. Early in the month, the historic magazine recognized the 鈥淪ilence Breakers鈥 as their Person of the Year.

Some of the other artists in the running to be honored by the AP in 2017 were Jimmy Kimmel, Gal Gadot, and Luis Fonsi. We鈥檙e guessing they鈥檇 be happy to give up the title to the women of the world this year.

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(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for TCM)