August is summer’s last hurrah. Now’s your last chance to glamp, hit the beach or soak up the final rays of sunshine before cold weather sets in. If you’ll also be welcoming a new addition to your family, we suggest keeping the month’s adventurous, free-spirited vibe in mind. Check out the 10 names below for what to name your August baby.



1. Augustus: Meaning “magnificent, great,” this moniker is ideal for your end-of-summer baby. It’s also a great name for your little guy who is surely destined to do great things.

2. Leo: Not only is this name perfect for your fiery little Leo, but it also follows in the footsteps of new mama Jaime King and her adorable babe, Leo Thames.

3. Leland: Since Liam is already being chosen by everyone, Leland is a unique name for your baby boy. It means “from the meadowland,” which has us dreaming of summer picnics.

4. Blake: Our girl Blake Lively (an August babe herself!) likes to switch things up with gender-neutral names, even for her own daughter, James. Do the unexpected by honoring your little dude with her name.

5. Aiden: A Gaelic and English name meaning “little fire,” Aiden is a strong moniker for your little Leo babe.


6. Coco: Famous designer Coco Chanel (born August 19) was of course a Leo. Are you really surprised? Any girl with this name is bound to be strong, passionate and full of determination.

7. Olive: Not just for Popeye’s main squeeze, Olive is a sweet, classic name that will work for any little girl. Plus it’s also the hue of one of August’s birthstones, peridot.

8. Soleil: Name your baby girl after Leo’s ruling planet, the sun, and, of course, Punky Brewster AKA Soleil Moon Frye (who blows out the candles August 6). We’re sure she’ll be just as spunky and sweet with a name like this one.

9. Poppy: Bright and beautiful, this name would be fitting for your summer baby. It also happens to be the flower of the month.

10. Aria: Meaning “lion” in Hebrew, this name is a beautiful and zodiac-inspired moniker for your little Leo. You could also vary the spelling to match with the badass female warrior Arya Stark from GoT.

What August-inspired name are you loving? Are there any summery names that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!