When searching for some over-the-top Christmas card inspo, the Kardashian clan always seems to pop up with their oh-so-dramatic snap. But if you’re looking for an idea that will result in a little more giggling and a little less gawking, we suggest you take a look at this family who has been sending out the hilariously awkward Christmas cards for – wait for it – 13 YEARS.


Mike Bergeron shared his family’s collection of photos on Reddit last week, and boy, they did not disappoint. Mike told BuzzFeed, “We thought the Christmas card tradition was ripe for parodying just because of their inherently awkward nature.” He goes on to say, “I have always given Christmas gifts to everyone that I’m close to, so by the time I turned 30 it was getting pretty difficult… to find ways to express to the people that I love that they are important to me through some small gift.”


The early photos feature Mike and his wife Laura in a variety of hilarious poses. In the debut snap, Mike is rocking a faux balding cap, in their second year Mike and Laura channel their inner hillbilly. Each manages to be just a little bit more awkward than the last, but the year Mike, Laura and their kids all dressed up in jazzercise outfits might take the number one slot.


Bergeron family, you win Christmas.

What does your Christmas card look like this year? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Reddit)