You just walked out of your ultrasound and the doctor assures you that you’re having a girl! (Or boy!) Whether that growing belly bump is housing a Michelle or a Michael, telling your friends and family is just as much fun. From parties to pastries, we’ve got the cutest, sweetest and most adorable ways to reveal your baby’s gender!

Young People Eating At Barbecue Party.

1. Surprise Party: What better surprise could you have up your sleeve than your baby’s gender? Invite your friends and family over for a “surprise shower.” Don’t tell them that you actually know about (and planned) the party. Have your honey on hand to organize the guests, pretending that you’re on your way home. Dress in all pink or all blue. Or, if you’re super-crafty, bedazzle yourself an “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy” t-shirt. Then everyone hides as you walk in — to surprise them.


2. Piñata Pastry Perfection: A pink cake? A blue cake? That’s so beyond obvious. Really, there isn’t much build up to the reveal when the cake in the corner is decorated in little blush bunnies or periwinkle ponies. But, you can play a stylish game of hide ‘n’ seek with an in-the-middle surprise. Fill the center with either pink or blue candies (use gender-neutral colors for the cake and frosting). When you cut into the cake, the candies will spill out for the big reveal. (via Betty Crocker)

baby shower

3. Keep It in the Cupcake: If the piñata cake is a Pinterest-step above your baking grade, these smaller-sized gender reveal goodies are easy enough for the novice. Mix up a batch of cake and add either pink or blue food coloring. Bake the cake, let it cool and use a cookie cutter to carve out small pieces (size them smaller than the width of a cupcake bottom). Drop the cakes into the bottom of a cupcake tin, add a neutral color of batter and bake. Frost the cupcakes after they cool. When the guests bite into them, they’ll find out if you’re having a boy or a girl. You can also line a cupcake tin with either pink or blue cookies instead of dropping cake bites in.

Gender Reveal Balloon Box

4. Bouncing Baby… Balloon: Reuse that old cardboard box (you know, the one that the super-sized jogger stroller came in) that’s sitting in your garage for this floating gender reveal. Cover the outside of the box with yellow, green or ivory gift wrap. Fill the box with either pink or blue helium balloons. Tape the box shut. Paint or draw a question mark on the outside of the box and place it in the center of the party. When the time’s right, peel back the tape and release the balloons.

5. Fancy Fruit: Pineapples are kind of like their own little treasure chests. Cut the top off and you magically have a lid with a handle (yeah it’s spikey, but it’s a handle, right?). Hollow out the inside and fill it with a pink or blue beverage. Use food coloring to add the hue to seltzer for the kiddos and preggos. Treat non-pregnant grown-ups to a pink or blue margarita or pina colada. Cover the revealing drink with the pineapple lid and serve it chilled! Not into oddly colorful drinks? Fill the fruit with scoops of pink or blue ice cream instead.

6. Drop It: So, you say you aren’t into the balloons in a box idea. You’d rather not deal with helium-filled balloons flying all over, and that’s okay. Use regular oxygen-filled balloons (in pink or blue, of course). Make your own overhead net by cutting open a garbage bag (or a few). Use painter’s tape to hang the contraption from the ceiling. Pull that tape off or use a broom edge to release the bag — and the balloons too! You can also try this idea with colorful confetti.

7. Science Start: Yep, that’s right. You can use science as part of your gender reveal party plan. And bonus, all of your guests under the age of 10 will think this one is super cool. Build a paper mache mountain with a hole in it. Don’t worry, this is on a grade schooler’s DIY level. Start with a plastic soda bottle. Cut the top off, and then cover it with newspaper and tape (make a mountain shape). Buy a ready-made mix (you’ll probably just have to add water), cut strips of paper and mache yourself a mountain! Leave a hole at the top where the bottle’s opening is. Drop two tablespoons of baking soda into the bottle. Add a few drops of pink or blue food coloring. Start pouring vinegar into the bottle when you’re ready for the reveal. Stand back! The erupting volcano will spew your baby’s gender color.

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