Since we absolutely adore our gigs, we鈥檙e all about helping others land their dream jobs. From being paid to watch Netflix all day to nabbing a role to travel and taste beer, we鈥檙e here to bring to you the most fun, most adventurous and, this time, most adorable jobs that exist. So get yourself ready for one of the cutest careers EVER because Flinders Islands is looking for a professional 鈥楥hief Wombat Cuddler鈥 and not to cuddle just any ol鈥 wombat (although we鈥檇 totally do that, too), but this position is specifically to cuddle Derek, the lonely orphaned baby wombat.

baby wombat Derek

Baby Derek lost his mommy wombat when she was tragically hit by a car. Saved and cared for by the awesome people on Flinders Island, they鈥檙e now holding a contest to find someone willing to come and cuddle the lonely little creature. But don鈥檛 think that he鈥檚 a sullen soul. Watching him run around on the beach will totally make your day!

鈥淭here鈥檚 no doubt Derek the wombat has won Australia鈥檚 hearts, with many wishing they could cuddle him 鈥斅爀ven for just a short moment. (And let鈥檚 be honest, every parent needs a break now and then 鈥斅爀ven the foster parents of super-cute marsupials!),鈥 Derek鈥檚 contest website explains. 鈥淔linders Island is seeking a Chief Wombat Cuddler. (Cue squeals of excitement!)鈥 On cue: *SQUEALS OF EXCITEMENT!*

If happen to be living down under (or know someone who is), not 鈥渙nly will you and a friend be flown from your nearest Australian capital city to Tasmania鈥檚 Flinders Island to smother our little friend with cuddles, you鈥檒l get to spend three nights exploring Derek鈥檚 island home.鈥 O鈥鈥! Now that鈥檚 a super sweet opportunity!

Unfortunately for US folks, entry is only open to Australia residents aged 18 years or older, but if you have an Aussie friend, be sure to tag them because they鈥檒l definitely want to know about this baby wombat-cuddling contest. But remember, this is all about the cuddlers, so they remind us, 鈥淣on-cuddlers need not apply鈥︹

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(h/t Mashable, photo via Tasmania 鈥 Go Behind the Scenery)