Even though it’s been a while since we roamed locker-lined hallways, we still use backpacks to tote around our goods to and from the office. Albeit stylish, sometimes a messenger bag or an oversized designer satchel just doesn’t cut it. With this eco-chic backpack line from Sweden, you won’t have to sacrifice style for practicality.

Because he was so over sports backpacks, designer brands and cheap, crappy options on the market, Fredrik Petrusson decided to take matters into his own hands and design an eco-friendly, long-lasting bag. In order to achieve luxury durability at a reasonable price point, he came up with Baccy Packs.

Each Baccy Pack features an olive-waxed cotton exterior and full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather accents — both eco-friendly materials. They’ve traded in those plastic buckles that break over time for durable metal buckles and rivets that give the bags a timeless look and feel. And because you’re always on the go, Baccy Packs also house your H2O with a built-in thermos/water bottle holder and include laptop/tablet storage. Basically, get this bad boy for your kiddo, and he or she has a carrying companion for life.

Baccy Packs are available in three earthy colors: Forest (two-tone mossy green), Urban (grey and teal) and Earth (whiskey brown and plum). We call dibs on Forest… although we’re digging the teal in Urban, and we’re always down with carrying a little whiskey in our bag.

With a $130 pledge to their Kickstarter campaign, you or your very Scandinavian-stylish kid could be sporting a Baccy Pack of your own.

Would you spring for a Baccy Pack? Sound off in the comments!