It seems like a lifetime ago that we were watching season 23 Bachelor star Colton Underwood roam the Portugal countryside after being rejected by the one woman he apparently loves. But according to the laws of time and Chris Harrison, it was yesterday. Still, we’ve all seen and been through a lot since then, so let’s start from the beginning — or, as it were, the beginning of the end.

(Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Tuesday, March 12, episode of The Bachelor. If you have not seen the season 23 finale and don’t want to know what happens, stop reading here.)

Unlike with past seasons, the question tonight wasn’t who Colton would pick or even whether he was engaged, since that seemed like a long-shot. Instead, it was whether the woman he had already chosen would choose him back.

Going into Tuesday’s finale, Colton was completely single, having broken up with both Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin in order to pursue Cassie Randolph, who left the show after telling him she wasn’t in love with him. In the final moments of Monday’s episode, we saw him approach her door — right before the cameras cut away to host Chris Harrison.

Fortunately, the show jumped immediately back into the action on Tuesday. Cassie answered the door, visibly shocked to see Colton, and agreed to talk outside, where he revealed that he had broken up with Tayshia and Hannah on the off-chance that she would give their relationship another chance. “I’m not telling you that I love you. I want to show you,” he declared.

And just like that, they were seemingly back on track. Cassie said she still had some reservations and didn’t know what she was ready for, which is why she had broken up with him in the first place, but she was clearly moved by his gesture and agreed to travel to Spain to meet his family.

Understandably, though, there was some apprehension on both sides — Cassie’s and his family’s — about the unexpected change in plans. Cassie worried what his family would think of the situation, since she had (very recently) dumped Colton, and his family worried that he was setting himself up to be hurt by her again. (Honestly, same.) They had a lot of questions for her, particularly about what his mom called her “decision to bail,” but to her credit, she answered them honestly, admitting she didn’t know what the future held for them and wasn’t totally on the same page with Colton yet.

Colton, for his part, tried to reassure his parents that she was worth it and he had every hope that she would eventually fall in love with him. But it seemed like he was trying to convince himself and Cassie, too.

Fortunately, he had one more date to get her fully on board. After driving around Mallorca, Spain, for a bit, they arrived at the shore, where they rappelled down an oceanside cliff to get to a picnic, as Colton mused, in voiceover, about taking risks for love, even when there’s no safety net. (A little on the nose, ABC.)

Once they were back on solid ground again, Cassie confessed some of her fears about relationships. (Apparently, she had a college boyfriend who became controlling.) She said she worried she wouldn’t have the freedom to be herself anymore, but Colton said he loved her because she was herself. “More than ever, I feel how much Colton loves me,” she said in a confessional after the fact. “And I think I’m starting to kind of accept it.” Not the most romantic response, but okay.

Later that night, at dinner, Colton pulled out the invitation to the Fantasy Suite. To no one’s surprise, she said yes, and after a few minutes of on-camera kissing, Colton broke the fourth wall, told the crew members he loved them, and then promptly kicked them out — only to emerge a few minutes later to ask them to de-mic him. As the sound engineers walked away, one of them wished Colton good luck, and then he and Cassie disappeared behind closed doors.

At this point in the episode, the show took a break and invited Ben Higgins, Jason Tartick, Chris Randone, and season 23 contestants Onyeka, Demi, and Sydney to discuss what Colton and Cassie may or may not have done in the Fantasy Suite. (Note to Bachelor producers: Please don’t do this in the future.) Thankfully, most of them seemed to agree that the question of Colton’s virginity was not nearly as important as the question of Cassie’s commitment.

Which brings us to the next morning. Colton kept the details of their night together private, saying only that they did what was best for their relationship. And in case you were worried — we were! — that relationship is still going strong.

Colton and Cassie made their first appearance as a couple during the live portion of the finale, and a giggly, giddy Cassie told everyone they’re “super in love.” They’ve even talked about getting engaged. Cassie said nothing’s holding her back now, but Colton said they’re just enjoying dating, so there’s no ring yet, but it sounds like there might be one in the not-too-distant future.

For now, he’s living near her in LA and they’re making plans to travel over the next year. “I feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” she gushed to Chris.

That would have been a good place to end the show, but Chris couldn’t let them go without asking point-blank whether Colton had lost his virginity. He declined to share — honestly, good for him — so Chris ended the interview by introducing a performance from Air Supply, which… made about as much sense as anything else this season. See you next time, friends!

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