Adventure is calling. Are you down? The world is a big ol’ place just waiting for you to explore it over and over. And nothing quite says adventure like a backpacking/globetrotting trip. Be it by plane, train or automobile, an adventure this epic has to be planned at least a little bit prior to takeoff. First things first: What should you pack for your carrying-everything-on-your-back travels? Check out these 18 picks to make your trip a success. Now all you need to decide is where you’re going… Happy travels! (We’re totally jealous btw. Take us with you.)

1. Travel Scarf With Hidden Pocket ($52): Why didn’t we think of this? This scarf holds all your important belongings, like your passport and money, in a secretly hidden pouch. Brilliant and oh-so trendy.

2. Go Travel Pillow Duo ($20): Comfort is key, since you may find yourself sleeping on the go. This pillow caters (and molds) to your needs. Sleeping on the plane? Crashing on the floor? It instantly transforms from u-shaped to a rectangle just like that.

3. Cantaloupe Ear Buddies ($16): Screaming baby behind you? Loud stag party to your right? Ear buddies are your BFF during those long train or bus rides.

4. SteriPEN Portable Handheld Purifier ($50): Hydration, hydration, hydration. This portable pen makes sure you’re drinking clean water anywhere in the world.

5. 4-in-1 Adapter ($25): A color-coded adapter makes it easy to plug in all your goods. With four different plugs, this handy gadget makes sure you’re good to go in over 150 different countries.

6. CS Lewis Notebook ($12): Write down all your amazing adventures in this notebook. The cover quote is pretty spot on.

7. Toms Red Canvas Women’s Classic ($48): If we had to pick the most comfy shoe ever, it would definitely be a pair of Toms. Did we mention we know a way to waterproof them? You’re welcome.

8. REI MultiTowel Lite ($23): With backpacking comes staying in hostels that may not always have towels for you to use. This super soft, super absorbent, super light towel will leave you feeling like a million bucks after a long day of traveling.

9. The North Face Women’s Venture Jacket ($99): Being prepared for any and every type of weather is probably the number one rule of traveling. We think this minty jacket should help you follow that rule quite nicely.

10. Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): It’s happened to all of us: Our phone dies at a super inconvenient time. And when you’re traveling, any time without a phone is inconvenient. That’s why you should totes carry around this cute mobile charger.

11. Scrubba Wash Bag ($55): Doing laundry is never that fun, especially when you’re trying to budget money while traveling. This washing wonder cleans your clothes in minutes (for free).

12. Wide-Eyed Owls Sleep Eye Mask ($12): We LOVE sleep. Who doesn’t? And having it dark while doing so is super important. Enter the world of sleeping masks for the shuteye you need — even when sun is shining through that train window.

13. Tortuga Travel Backpack ($199): This is your home away from home, so make it count. The Tortuga is a front-loading bag that’s great for travelers because you don’t have to “unpack it” every time you want to get something out. Plus, you will be saving $25-$50 each plane ride on bag fees, leaving more money to spend on adventures. Score.

14. Kindle Fire HDX ($179): Traveling brings a lot of downtime between destinations. So, why not read? Watch movies? Surf the web? This newest Kindle has it all, providing you with hours and hours of entertainment.

15. Galileo App-Controlled Motion ($150): Step aside, selfie stick! This stand is controlled by an app that helps you create steady, 360-degree videos of the unbelievable landscapes and cities around you. Nothin’ like making friends jealous of your awesome life, right?

16. The Undress ($75): This Kickstarter campaign is life changing. Literally. Get dressed wherever and whenever without giving strangers a show. We have to admit, the actual dress is super cute as well and it comes in a bunch of other colors and patterns.

17. Hearos Ear Plugs ($4): We already told you how much we love sleep. You got the darkness you need thanks to a sleep mask, now make sure it’s quiet. Zzzzzzz….

18. Bheard Sound Pod ($50): Has anyone ever let you in on the secret of using a cup as a makeshift speaker for your smartphone? Well, this version takes it to the next level by amplifying the high, medium and low sound waves for your listening pleasure. The best part: no batteries or cords necessary.

So, who’s ready to quit their job, pack their bags and go on an adventure? What would you bring and where would you go? Tell us in the comments below.