Okay, you definitely got the attention of our millennial minds with a mission statement like “BAMIN is Tumblr meets Prada meets LEGO for fashion’s next generation” (WHAT!). Right now with visions of laser cats dancing in our heads, we’re only kind of sure what that buzz means: something like, user-influenced design + high-quality craftsmanship + innovative products = a remix of traditional fashion norms? We’re gonna stick with that as a good way to describe the boutique bag brand that’s lookin’ to really shake things up in the luggage department.

All this noise making is actually over a pretty cool customizable product: sleek unisex bags made of colorful, interchangeable parts. Each bag’s panels, pouches and handle sets can be rotated, re-zipped or subbed out to make a remixed version of the bag you initially created. The bits of the four staple styles — duffles, carryalls, overnights and briefcases — are made of luxe materials like matte leather, neomesh and felt, so rest assured they stand up to your feverish re-fiddling and also look exquisite paired with your designer duds. Quality is a major focus with these mighty morphin’ bags, a trait that proves convenience doesn’t have to always be cheap.

Bags are built and sold online, but so far, access to BAMIN’s interactive design app is an invitation-only affair (waahhh!). Once you do get the virtual golden ticket, your personalized specs will be produced here in the States using a combination of laser and handcrafted techniques and shipped to your doorstep in 6-8 weeks or less. Ugh BAMIN, you’re such a tease! Your name stands for Build And Make Now, how can you stifle your own call to action? We’re sure it’s for good reason (curation, perhaps? And we DO understand there’s real power — and allure — in that). So razzing aside, we’re all signed up for a future where customization IS fashion, and we might have you to thank for that.

What are your thoughts on interchangeable fashion? Super cool or kind of crazy? Tell us in the comments below.