Folks, it’s time to get real about fitness. While the inspiring fitspo journeys can’t be touched as far as their actual inspiration value, sometimes the fitspiration out there is just… a little too glossy. Whether you’re running a race, trying a beer and yoga outing or just doing lazy girl workouts between binging on Making a Murderer episodes like Kim KW, your brand of fitness belongs solely to you.

blog_fitness3, a lifestyle goods site, has taken fitness back into the hands of those that are, well, just average. Or who are trying their best. Or who go and work out and then eat french fries after, or leave class 10 minutes in because a better offer came up. Or who sign up for a gym membership and use it exactly four times. It’s the way most of us really work out (no offense to those hard-bodied Betties out there!). And for that,, you should be commended.


Their cheeky blog gives the fitness collection’s raison d’etre, all done in their hilarious tone. For example, their reasoning behind their workout mats? “If you’re going to collapse onto a soft surface after your fifth attempt at a headstand, it should totally be on our super comfy mat.” It’s giving you the feels, right?! The products reflect this type of attitude: pink lamé fanny packs, “I did my best” sweatshirts, “After this we’re getting pizza” water bottles. Never has a workout brand been so real.


It all boils down to this: thinks that you should “take care of your body by embracing whatever gets you through it,” whether that be the idea of pizza on the other end of your Pilates class or some serious personal motivation to hit your #quadgoals. The realness of this line alone will inspire you.

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