Guys, it happened. Barbie and Ken officially tied the knot. They had a small, intimate ceremony with their closest friends, but they didn’t hold back on the festivities one bit. France-based photographer Beatrice de Guigné styled and shot the whole perfectly plastic wedding a few years ago and it is still “Making Us Look.”

A wedding photographer, Beatrice is no stranger to all things wedding, beginning with the pre-wedding prep. Barbie and Ken got ready in traditional style, with Ken getting in necessary bro time with his groomsmen and Barbie spending time with the ladies in hair and makeup.

(We especially love her bunny slippers: totally necessary for the stress of the big day.)

Barbie totally went out on a limb hair-wise. We love her relaxed fishtail braid. We always knew she was our style muse…

Beatrice included all the necessary shots, from the stand-alone wedding dress to these shoe pics.

The ceremony was held outdoors. Barbie wore a mini top hat and a mermaid wedding dress. The brides wore platinum pink (duh!).

Um, did Barbie get married in Brooklyn? Lol.

After the ceremony, the wedding party had a meal outside, complete with these totally trendy Coke bottles.

They even had a photo booth!

The night ended with a lively reception and a multi-colored strobe light.

We’re not surprised at all that Barbie’s wedding, like her, was timeless. Don’t forget to follow her equally-timeless insta feed, @barbiestyle, for all things pink and trendy! And stay tuned for this bride’s next big career move! It makes sense now why she cut the honeymoon so short.

What do you think of Barbie and Ken’s wedding? Totally cheesy? Just right? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t Loverly)