With the recent announcement of the return of — count ‘em — eight of your favorite old school Bath & Body Works scents this June (6/6-7/3), adult women everywhere were privy to a sudden rush of nostalgia like no other. Whether you adored the fresh and clean scent of Cotton Blossom or were more of a sucker for the sensual, musky notes of the warm and comforting Brown Sugar & Fig, one scent surely sparked your tweenage interest above all others, and the one you chose could have quite a bit to say about your personality. Want to find out more? Read on to uncover our (completely unscientific) analysis into your psyche.


1. Cucumber Melon: You are full of energy. A morning person to a tee, you brighten any room you enter with your vivacity, joie de vive and cucumber scent. You are athletic and perky, and though few can, you love to motivate others to keep up with you by flashing your winning smile.

2. Brown Sugar & Fig: You’re a bit on the mysterious side. Intellectual and seductive, you like to keep people guessing when it comes to your innermost thoughts. You have a naturally cool essence that draws people to you; though you trust only a select few. You are bookish, yet sexy, and are often complimented on your signature scent (though you simply smile in response, refusing to divulge your secrets).

3. Country Apple: You live a modest, yet content life — and you know far better than most that some of life’s greatest pleasures come from simply taking time to stop and smell the roses. You are very kind and friendly in your disposition, which makes you extremely well-liked. As wholesome as they come with your extremely strong morals, you make very logical decisions. Fall is your favorite season, and you spritz a bit of Country Apple before hayrides, haunted houses, state fairs and line dancing nights.

4. Peony: Shy and delicate is your temperament. A bit of a wallflower, you prefer to hang back in the shadows than to make a scene in a crowd; yet make no mistake — you are NOT a pushover. You have a quiet strength that is discreet, but mighty, and you leave a trail of peonies in your wake wherever you go.

5. Freesia: You’re an old soul, and a rather responsible one at that. Where others your age might be raging til dawn, throwing back boxed wine and kicking up their heels, you prefer the comfort of what is sure to be your quaint, cozy cottage, where you sip Earl Grey tea and watch the sunset from your (obviously idyllic) porch. A dreamer and an optimist to boot, you spray Freesia whenever you want to remember your happiest days of quiet comfort.

6. Cotton Blossom: You are Pinterest perfect in every way. Neat, polished and prim, Mary Poppins could have been your mother. Your look is very minimalist and clean, as is your signature Cotton Blossom scent. Your abode is never dirty or disheveled, and you are courteous, prompt, and generally all around, a model citizen.

7. Mango Mandarin: ‘Fess up… you’re a bit of a wild child. Living life on the edge, you’re beholden to no one, with an insatiable wanderlust that you’re only too ready to succumb to. “Quirky” is the word that best describes you. Kooky and fun, you’re a tad eccentric, but no one ever seems to mind because you’re so exciting to be around. As a child, you often laid beneath an alcove of Mango trees, and you still love the smell to this day.

8. Sun-Ripened Raspberry: Your parents were hippies, and the raspberry didn’t fall too far from the bush. A true lover of nature, your place is in the great outdoors, where you spend much of your time basking in the sun’s golden rays. You respect the Earth and all its creatures, and you recycle every bottle of sun-ripened raspberry you use up. You are a crusader when it comes to environmental issues, and you’ll do whatever it takes to protect your beloved land from the evil destruction of man. #namaste

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(Photos via Bath and Body Works)