New York hosted the first Indie Beauty Expo last weekend, and all the biggest (and indie-est) names in all-natural, organic makeup turned up to participate. At the expo, we met up with one super influential tastemaker within the indie and natural cosmetics industry: beauty blogger Britanie Faith.


Here’s Britanie with indie brand Modern Minerals‘ founder Diane Read, with whom she recently collaborated with on a gorg new blush + lip gloss duo called the Bohemian Collection. We asked Britanie about her beauty routine and what led her to all-natural beauty blogging in the first place.

Has only using all-natural products made it more challenging to be a beauty blogger?
 It is a little limiting with people and with products in general, what I can use and recommend, but at the same time, it’s easier for me to research and find new brands. So yes and no, but for the most part, it’s been extremely positive. I keep finding more and more products and amazing natural brands to recommend. Overall, it’s not too challenging.


How have you seen the natural beauty industry grow over the years?
 I think it’s grown massively. I first started getting interested in probably 2010, but didn’t switch over 100 percent [right away]. I started going little by little. There was just kind of nothing. The makeup you had to use was just very boring, there was just no such thing as glamorous looks, that I knew of anyway. Now, there are options for anything. I have friends who will say, “I can’t find anything pigmented enough.” And I’ll be like, “Yo, yes you can.” It’s grown massively. Beyond.

Have you noticed any changes in your skin or body since you started all-natural makeup?
 Yes, before I started, my skin was even more sensitive skin than it is now. I had really, really bad acne and now it’s totally under control. Obviously, it’s not magic. There are a lot of other things involved, like skin issues, but overall my skin is better. Also, I got into it because of internal health. I have some different health issues and there are so many toxic products that can mess with your endocrine system. So, for me, hormones are a big thing. So it’s really helped balance out my hormones not being on these parabens. So internally, I’ve been way better. I feel cleaner.


What are some desert island products you’d have to take with you?
 I have to say my lip gloss B of Love ($24) and my Sweet Thing ($24) blush with Modern Minerals are my favorite, and I’m not saying it just because I collaborated. I’m obsessed. [Founder Diane Read’s] makeup line in general is my favorite. Lotus Wei, I can’t live without their flower elixir sprays. RMS — god, there are so many. Kjær Weis — they have amazing blushes.

What products do you use for every day?
 Every day, I use the CV Skinlabs moisturizer. I use some type of oil and sometimes I’ll make my own. I use jojoba oil or almond oil just as a light serum on my face. I use Jane Iredale BB Cream all over my face. Lipgloss and eyeshadows. Every day I use at least one mineral eyeshadow all over. I really like W3LL People — they have a great mascara. Those are my every day basics.


What do you use for makeup remover?
 I use oil. I will slather my face in any kind of oil, either jojoba or almond oil. I’ll take my eye makeup off first. First, I’ll just massage it in. Then, I’ll take a warm washcloth, put it over my face and let it sink it. After I remove it, I do a double cleanse. So, I’ll use something like a light cream cleanser or a light gel cleanser. I tried so many different products that it’s hard to say which one [I like best], but I very much believe in the double cleansing method. The oil helps to dissolve everything, but then you need to do another strip down, otherwise there’s going to be stuff leftover. I also like exfoliating a couple times a week.

Do you have any secrets for getting a “flawless” face?
 I don’t know that a flawless face exists, but I have to go internal as well. Stay hydrated, use organic cold-press oils on your face — a lot of people are scared of oils because they think it’s gonna make you break out. It will do the opposite. It will pH balance out your entire face. I would recommend starting with oils and try massaging your face. My biggest thing is to just be happy and try to stay positive. And use as many natural products as you can!

What do you think of Britanie’s advice and all-natural makeup in general? Tell us in the comments below!

(Feature photo via Beauty by Britanie)