You read the list of ingredients in your food so you know what’s going into your body, but you also want to know the contents of the products you put on our skin. The fillers and harmful chemicals listed on the backs of your favorite beauty treatments can cause a major bout of anxiety and confusion, not to mention wreak havoc on your complexion. That’s why, when problem skin starts to freak out a bit, it might be best to opt for something simple — say, a skincare product with under 10 natural beauty ingredients. That way, you can know exactly what it is you’re putting on your mug and, if you do start breaking out, you can count down the possible culprits on two hands. So scroll on for 10 of the best products for glowing, clear skin — all with 10 ingredients or fewer.


1. Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm ($42): The under-eye is super delicate, so it’s important to treat it with extra special care. This eye balm works to hydrate and soften the skin around your peepers, helping tame those dark circles with only seven natural ingredients.


2. Meow Meow Tweet Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil ($25): When you need to remove a face full of makeup, reach for a natural cleansing oil. Just rub a bit of this coconut and jojoba oil blend on a made-up face and wipe off with a clean damp towel to remove all the remnants of your busy day. It’s certified organic and great for blemish-prone skin, so you can rest easy knowing it’ll be gentle.


3. Bottega Organica Ultra Concentrated Face Serum ($155): One major benefit to ingredients you can count on two hands? You get more of the good stuff. This serum contains an ultra-concentrated dose of fragrant goodies like French lilac and sage, two herbal components that provide hydrating and anti-aging benefits.


4. Captain Blankenship Aloe and Rose Toner ($24): Refresh yo’self with this gentle toner. A few spritzes of this stuff post-face wash will leave your complexion lookin’ dewy and smelling of roses — perfect prep for a serum or moisturizer. What’s more, this formula can even be used to soothe an angry sunburn — score.


5. Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil ($40): For a face in need of some balance, this blend of regenerating oils is just what the doctor ordered. The main ingredient here is a rosehip oil, which increases cell turnover as you sleep, helping to eliminate active blemishes as well as getting rid of acne scars once and for all.


6. Osmia Organics Spot Treatment ($22): Waking up in the morning to find a newly sprouted blemish is a total bummer. Instead of trying to pop a zit, which could make it worse, try this healing serum. You can apply up to five times daily to treat the problem and stop acne in its tracks. Plus, we can pronounce ALL the ingredients ;)


7. CAMP Coconut Beach Face Scrub ($28): Perk up dry, dull winter skin with this gentle exfoliant boasting only four ingredients. The key component of this face scrub is oatmeal, which carefully removes dead skin cells without causing any irritation. Combine just a pinch of this concoction with a little water and scrub away, or mix with honey or yogurt for an exotic mask treatment.


8. Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil ($36/30mL): Taking the cake with only one ingredient, this pure dose of argan oil is your beauty savior in a bottle. The lightweight, hydrating oil can be used on your face, hair and décolleté, and the oil absorbs quickly into your skin, so you can soak up all the benefits without any greasy residue.


9. White & Elm Charcoal & Clay Deep Pore Mask ($18): If you’re in need of a detox, this face mask is just the ticket. Featuring powerful, natural ingredients like charcoal and clay, this mask gets deep in your pores to bust blackheads and torpedo toxins.


10. S.W. Basics Cleanser ($22): While there are only three (!!) components to this cleanser, one in particular really stands out — tea tree oil. This superstar ingredient is antibacterial, eliminating a major cause of acne.

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