Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette journey has come to an end, but her life with fiancé Garrett Yrigoyen is just beginning. After the season 14 finale on Monday, August 6, she appeared with her husband-to-be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to put their knowledge of each other to the test.

Playing a game called “Fiancé My Name” — which is basically the Newlywed Game — Kufrin and Yrigoyen answered questions about each other posed by Kimmel. The questions centered around names and covered topics including their middle names, their childhood pets’ names, their grandparents’ names, and their high school names.

Kimmel was willing to ease up on some of the rules for the pair, but they didn’t need it. The only question that both struggled with was naming each others’ high schools. Kufrin guessed that her fiancé attended Manteca High, after his California hometown, while Yrigoyen kept it very broad and guessed that his wife-to-be went to Minnesota High, based on her home state.

While the newly engaged couple were all smiles and laughs on Kimmel, their time together hasn’t always been so lighthearted. Within the first week of The Bachelorette season 14, reports surfaced that Yrigoyen had liked offensive Instagram posts mocking transgender people, immigrants, and feminists. He apologized at the time, and Kufrin asked viewers to keep an open mind.

Now, they say, working through the controversy together made them stronger as a couple. “That was a major thing that we had to talk about early on at the very beginning of our relationship,” Kufrin told Chris Harrison on the finale. “I luckily got to know him for who he really is. You know, on the show, we don’t have phones, we don’t have social media, so I got to see who he is, his heart, his soul.”

Watch Becca and Garrett play “Fiancé My Name” in the video above.

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(photo via ABC/Paul Hebert)