Fathers don’t get enough credit for their corny dad jokes or embarrassingly goofy antics, but Father’s Day is their time to shine! Even if they’re hard to shop for, we love the dads in our lives — whether that’s your own hubby, dad or grandpa. Instead of shopping for a silly tie, kick back and serve up a cool, refreshing beer… or four. This DIY beer-tasting flight is the perfect gift for Dad so he can relax and try some fancy beers. You can even turn it into a brew-tasting party with a few extra beer flights!


Materials + Tools:
 — electric drill

— 2-inch forstner drill bit

— wood (about 6 x 19 inches, 1-inch thickness)

— pencil

— ruler

— sandpaper

— chalkboard spray paint

— masking tape

— chalk

— 4 tasting glasses + 1 snack bowl



At your local hardware store, buy wood that is at least 6 x 19 inches and around 1-inch thick. If you buy a longer piece of wood like we did, the hardware store can usually cut the wood to your desired size.

First, we want to section off the chalkboard side — we’ll return to paint this later. Mark about 1.5 inches along the width of the wood and draw a line lengthwise so you know where to paint later — or you can paint the whole board with chalkboard paint.


Then, measure the remaining width of the wood to find the center line so the cup holders are centered on the wood portion (about 2 inches). With a pencil, mark the center point at the bottom, middle and top of the board.

Next, measure the length of the board and, using the center point of the wood, divide it by five for each cup holder. If your board is 6 x 19 inches, you’ll mark the wood every 3 3/4 inches.

Then, divide the number you got in the previous step (in our case 3 3/4 inches ) by two to find the center point where you’ll be drilling a hole (3.75 / 2 = 1. 88) . Mark this point with a pencil along the board. You can erase the marks you made at step 4 so you’re left with the points where you’ll be drilling.

Pro-tip: If your board measurements are different, the numbers you end up with will be slightly different. Once you have all the measurements marked with a pencil, simply take a look and see if it looks right. Remember measure twice, cut once!


Now that we’re ready to start drilling, make sure the battery for your electric drill is charged up. Attach the forstner bit to your drill.

To be safe, clamp the board to a sturdy table because drilling through wood takes some strength. Hold the drill firmly and slowly cut to about 1/2 inch deep.

Pro-tip: Practice on a scrap piece of wood to get used to it first! It may take a few tries for beginners who are new to power tools. Once you’ve drilled all the holes in the wood, sand down any rough edges.


To create a chalkboard section for the beer labels, apply masking tape to the line you marked at the start. Add scrap paper to cover the remaining wood that you don’t want to paint. Spray the chalkboard paint in thin, even layers and leave to dry.

Finally, write beer labels on the chalkboard, add a bowl of nuts and a whole lotta beer!


Cheers to dad!


Wheat dreams.


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