When you’re a supermodel like Bella Hadid, you can pretty nearly get away with wearing just about anything (or nothing), but in a recent pic on her Instagram, Hadid decided to wear not one — but two pairs of jeans at the same time. And we’ll be honest, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher.

The Victoria’s Secret angel was photographed in Paris this week wearing a NASCAR-inspired crop top with the word “woman” emblazoned across the front, and carrying a small zipper clutch inscribed with “TIME.” The top comes courtesy of her friend and designer Virgil Abloh’s avant garde line Off-White.

The strangest part of Hadid’s look, however, was definitely her pants, which were by Ksenia Schnaider. The extra oversized, high-waisted denim is cutoff at the knee. Then, attached from underneath the billowing cutoffs are two skinny jean legs. Her bottoms are literally two pairs of VERY different jeans sewn together.

These are definitely statement pants, but Hadid is nothing if not a trendsetter, so perhaps we’ll be seeing more mismatched pants in the future.

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(Photos via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)