When it comes to carrying on-the-go beauty essentials, it鈥檚 one thing to travel light. Traveling light AND all-natural? That may seem like a big ask for busy girls (because if you鈥檙e anything like us, you can barely tick off those boxes with your granola bar). So we made it easy: we tapped the dermatologists, alchemists, skin care experts and formula innovators who are all founders of top eco-friendly beauty brands to give us the scoop on what one clean product they always keep in their bags. Scroll below to find the pint-sized sustainable secret weapons to resign to your tote for the rest of summer and beyond.


Chase Polan Founder + Lead Alchemist, Kypris


1. Mini Beauty Elixirs ($90 each): 鈥淔or rose lovers and for women who want to boost their SPF and quench their skin, our 1,000 Roses contains the oil of over 1,000 roses; it鈥檚 the most moisturizing and hydrating of the three beauty elixirs.

鈥淭he Healing Bouquet is more balancing. The blend is this gorgeous combination of high-elevation lavender, rose geranium, jasmine twice distilled from India and patchouli that is aged. It has a very cooling, aromatherapeutic effect.

鈥淭he Prismatic Array is made for a skin that鈥檚 very sensitive, so it has no essential oils. It鈥檚 perfect for someone who鈥檚 pregnant or nursing or just sensitive to scent but still wants all the same benefits of moisturizing your skin without upsetting it.鈥

Dr. Simon Jackson CEO/Founder + Pharmacognosist, Dr Jackson鈥檚


2. Dr Jackson鈥檚 04 Coconut Melt ($16): 鈥淚t鈥檚 a pharmacy-grade coconut oil. It鈥檚 a really good thing to put in your handbag or manbag. It鈥檚 really good for your lips, for your cuticles, you can even put it on the ends of your hair. If you鈥檙e literally running out the door and don鈥檛 have time to pick up anything else, you can use that. Since this is oil based, it鈥檚 really good to take off your mascara, so you can put it on a pad to take off your makeup. So you can use it as a cleanser, you can use it as a moisturizer. It鈥檚 a great everything balm 鈥 the Olsen Twins love it.鈥

Nadia Yousif Brand Strategist, Juara Skincare


3. Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil Rollerball ($28): 鈥淭his is a must for an everyday pickup. It鈥檚 perfume oil, botanical oils 鈥 Tiare flower invigorates you and puts you in a great mood. It鈥檚 just about making you happy. It lasts all day long and it鈥檚 dermatologist tested.鈥

Tricia Trimble Founder, Suntegrity Skincare


4. 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($45): 鈥淚 use it all the time; it鈥檚 a sunscreen but it鈥檚 my makeup. If I need a touch-up, I put it on and rub it in just like that. I love this stuff. It鈥檚 like it鈥檚 the product that if I was stuck on an island I would bring this.鈥

Garrett Markenson Founder + Hairdresser, Reverie


5. MILK Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment ($42): 鈥淚 travel light, and Milk replaces 3-5 products. It tames frizz, adds shine and manageability, allows you to take away static from traveling and sitting, smells great if you鈥檙e in a smokey bar 鈥 I put it on my face and on my beard too.鈥

Marie V. Nadeau Chief Inventor, Marie Veronique Skincare


6. Oil de Jour ($90): 鈥淭his is very rich in carotenoids [the pigments found in apples + carrots that give off a healthy glow] and it gives you protection from UVA, which has been tested in a lab 鈥 UVA protection is hard to get naturally. This is an excellent product if you have dry skin, which I do. It鈥檚 something you can just replenish with and moisturize with anytime you want to.鈥

Karen Behnke Founding Partner, Juice Beauty


7. Stem Cellular CC Cream ($39): 鈥淚 can re-apply on the go and you get a great glow, great coverage, great moisture!鈥

Sarah Villafranco MD Founder + CEO, Osmia Organics


8. Spot Treatment ($22): 鈥淚 probably don鈥檛 go anywhere without the Spot Treatment. It鈥檚 one of those things that you can start applying the second you feel the heartbeat of a zit pop up 鈥 if you know it鈥檚 coming, you start applying. You apply it five or six times a day throughout the day and it never opens. It like, starts to and then it goes 鈥榦kay, nevermind, I didn鈥檛 mean it!鈥 and it runs away.鈥

Kiran Stordalen Co-Owner, Intelligent Nutrients


9. Renewing Oil Serum ($64): 鈥淲hat I love about it is it鈥檚 a seed oil complex. You put it on your skin and it completely penetrates and it rejuvenates your skin.鈥

Heather Hamilton Founder + CEO, Zoe Organics


10. Everything Balm ($14): 鈥淭he name says it all. It鈥檚 a big balm stick that鈥檚 great for seriously everything, from chapped cheeks to mouths. It鈥檚 popular for babies, but really from a newborn up to adulthood. Aging skin, dry skin, it鈥檚 awesome for eczema, rashes, bug bites 鈥 super healing. It鈥檚 100% organic 鈥 every ingredient is certified organic and I鈥檓 a huge fan of shea butter 鈥 I think it鈥檚 a miracle ingredient. Plus coconut oil, all of these ingredients that perform really well that always work.鈥

Shirley Pinkson and James Walker Founder + Makeup Pro / Treehugger, W3LL PEOPLE


11. Expressionist Mascara Traveler ($13): James: 鈥淚t鈥檚 f*cking awesome, look at her lashes!鈥

Shirley: 鈥淚t would be the same answer鈥 our brand鈥檚 been around for about seven years; it took five of those years for us to come up with a mascara. The mascara is like the gateway drug to any brand; when you get the mascara you鈥檙e going to check out the rest of the brand.鈥

Boris Oak Founder EVOLVh Luxury Natural Haircare System


12. Ultrarepair Reconstructing Masque ($48): 鈥淚t鈥檚 absolutely transformative. I鈥檓 gonna sound like I鈥檓 overstating things, but I鈥檓 really just repeating what our users 鈥 especially hairdressers 鈥 say. According to virtually every hairdresser that I talk to, it鈥檚 the most effective mask in all of hair care right now.

鈥淲e call it our 鈥榤ad scientist鈥 product. What makes it so special is that we have a very unique blend of specific amino and fatty acids that are able to get inside of the hair and transform hair from the inside out. When we say 鈥榯ransform,鈥 we are really talking about making the hair more elastic so it鈥檚 bouncier, it鈥檚 less prone to breakage, it鈥檚 much smoother, it鈥檚 like a magic potion for people who are frizzy or for people color their hair and it鈥檚 also very anti-aging. We literally get emails from them that will go something like this, 鈥業鈥檓 67 years old and I鈥檝e been using this product for X amount of time and my hair now feels like it did when I was in my 20s.鈥 We hear this over and over again!鈥

Laurel Shaffer Founder + Owner, Whole Plant Organics


13. Antioxidant Facial Serum ($80): 鈥淚t鈥檚 the first product I ever created. I wanted it to be the serum to end all serums and used every ingredient I would want on my own skin. There are actually 31 whole organic active botanicals in it.鈥

Robin King Co-Founder, R. L. Linden & Co.

14. Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist Hydrating floral Toner ($48): 鈥淥ur toner is amazing because it tones skin, it tightens the pores but it also is a delivery system for your moisturizer. It sets your makeup, it resets your curls and is a general pick-me-up because we have a range of aromatherapy benefits and flower essences, so it鈥檚 an emotional helper as well as a physical helper. It just refreshes and resets your day.鈥

Krysia Boini Co-Founder + CEO, Vapour Organic Beauty


15. Atmosphere Luminous Foundation ($42): 鈥淎 lot of people would say a 鈥榣ipstick鈥 because we eat ten pounds of lipstick in our lifetime, so it鈥檚 really important to choose something that鈥檚 organic and natural for that, but I鈥檓 gonna go for square footage.

鈥淵our skin is absorbing what you put on it, and we are gonna put foundation on the largest surface area of our face. We have two foundation formulas and I alternate but the two. Our luminous formula is for people with dryer skin 鈥 it鈥檚 a stick and actually it鈥檚 more moisturizing, Our other formula is a liquid, but it鈥檚 more for people with combination skin.鈥

What鈥檚 your favorite natural beauty buy? Share with us in the comments below.