Some days a long workout just isn鈥檛 in the cards. There鈥檚 work, happy hour, laundry and dinner to deal with, and cardio and kickboxing just don鈥檛 make the cut. Lucky for us a little secret in the fitness world, aka High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, makes burning major calories in minimum time actually attainable. Whether you want to strengthen your core or discover some new yoga poses, these seven聽workouts will help you knock exercise off your to-do list聽before you even step in the shower.


1.聽Seven-Minute Morning Workout in Pyjamas:聽Joanna doesn鈥檛 even want you to get out of your pajamas to do this workout, so we鈥檙e obviously major fans. It鈥檚 seven exercises done in seven minutes. All you need is a set of dumbbells to get started. (via Joanna Soh)


2.聽20-Minute, High-Intensity Workout:聽Celebrity trainer and Barry鈥檚 Bootcamp instructor Astrid Swan McGuire takes you through this 20-minute full-body workout to get your blood pumping as soon as you turn off the alarm. Find some space in your digs, grab a mat and lightweight dumbbells and you鈥檙e ready to go. (via POPSUGAR Fitness)


3.聽Four Total-Body Toning Moves You Can Do Anywhere:聽It鈥檚 a good thing you鈥檝e just had your seven to eight hours of beauty rest because this workout is designed to keeping you moving, meaning there鈥檚 no rest between moves. Twelve reps of each move make up one round, but buckle up: You鈥檝e got three rounds to complete before you can grab your AM coffee. (via CosmoBody)


4.聽Five-Minute Fat Burner:聽Warning: This video contains burpees. Woof. But, with over 1.6 million views, this five-move workout routine obviously scorches some major calories. All you need is a mat to get the full-effects of this full-body workout designed by one of our fave fitness stars. (via Blogilates)


5.聽Hump Day HIIT: We already聽want to be besties with Karena and Katrina. This duo makes working out in your living room feel like you鈥檙e getting a personal training session from two of the best. These ladies mix cardio with strength conditioning moves you can do without聽equipment in just fifteen minutes. (via Tone it Up)


6.聽Yoga to Wake up Your Body:聽Okay so this one isn鈥檛 quite聽a HIIT workout (and by quite, we mean not at all), but it鈥檚 still great for rising and shining. Rachel walks you through some simple yoga moves to kickstart your day for more mindfulness and balance.聽(via Rachel Brathen)

7.聽Seven-Minute Workout Series:聽This one is for the girl who wants it all. Get a little bit of everything including back, abs, legs and arms. If you can name it, it鈥檚 in this seven-minute, full-body workout. You鈥檒l do each targeted move for 30 seconds and follow each with 10 seconds of rest (and no, we checked, you can鈥檛 crawl back into bed during that break). (via聽BeFIt)

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