Most days, we’re looking to sneak more new healthy foods into our diet, but sometime we deserve to treat ourselves to something sugar-coated or deep-fried. That’s where these new products come in. We put our taste buds to work and tried each and every one to make sure that they’re worth the indulgence.

1. Bang Cookies ($5): You really haven’t experienced cookie perfection until you’ve sunk your teeth into these mail-order Bang Cookies, made with organic ingredients including grass-fed butter. Don’t let these giant, palm-sized cookies overwhelm you with their magnitude. Split one with a friend and go to town on the crisp, caramelized outside and ultra gooey, under-baked inside. We’re the biggest fans of the Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk (Tollhouse better watch out!) and the S’mores, with big globs of vegan marshmallows in every bite. (Photo via Bang Cookies)

2. Ben & Jerry’s Moo-Phoria Light Ice Cream ($5): We repeat: This is no diet ice cream. It contains no artificial sugars or funky ingredients and tastes as indulgent as a standard pint of Ben & Jerry’s (with as many fun swirls and chunks of goodies) — just with fewer calories. It’s only around 140 calories per 1/2 cup serving. We especially loved the P.B. Dough, which is chock-full of peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough dotted throughout the rich chocolate ice cream.

3. Cheerios Chocolate Peanut Butter Breakfast Cereal ($3): Reese’s Puffs cereal has nothing on this new Cheerios flavor. Chocolate and peanut butter drenched oat-y O’s give you your PB fix for a dry snack on the go. Otherwise, these semisweet morsels taste like milk-dipped cookies when served in a bowl, the old-fashioned way.

4. Chobani A Hint of… Yogurts ($2): With names like Gili Cherry and Monterey Strawberry, these new flavors of Chobani are intended to take you around the world one spoonful at a time. Unlike fruit-on-the-bottom cups, they contain fruit purée swirled into the Greek yogurt, which gives it lots of flavor with less sugar (nine grams to be exact). We loved all the offerings, but our favorite is Alphonso Mango. If stringy fruit in yogurt is a major no-no for you, you’ll find these smooth yogurts extremely enjoyable.

5. Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes ($3): Yes, the cereal mash-up of the century has happened, and we can assure you, it’s even better than the original. The slightly sweetened, slightly puffed corn flakes delicately balance the crunchy marbits. You’ll be in heaven with each bite and wonder why Lucky Charms hasn’t always been this way.

6. Magnum White Chocolate Vanilla ($6): You may have had Magnum’s chocolate-coated ice cream bars before, but have you tried its latest line of pints? The tops contain a thick coating of chocolate that you crack into. While some of the taste-testers weren’t so into the thick chunks of chocolate, others loved the concept. Both the milk and white chocolate taste authentic (Magnum uses Belgian chocolate!), and the ice cream is like frozen whipped cream. Mmm.

7. Noosa Mates Caramel Chocolate Pecan ($3): This may be the most decadent yogurt on the market. The whole-fat yogurt contains a salty caramel swirl and the following crunchy mix-ins: salted pretzel rods, Guittard dark chocolate chips, and praline pecans. Though we consider it more of a dessert than a “balanced breakfast,” we’ll be the first to admit that it makes for a really satisfying Elevenses.

8. Smashmallow Cookie Dough ($4): This snackable dessert is basically like chocolate chip cookie dough with the texture of fluffy marshmallows. It doesn’t hold back on the vanilla and brown sugar flavors. Plus there’s a hint of salt to balance things out.

9. Super Snack Time Pizza In A Bag Pepperoni Pizza Style Pepperoni Jerky ($4): Your tastebuds need this jerky. It resembles pepperoni but drier and in wonderfully portable jerky form.

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