Halo Top isn’t the only low-calorie ice cream on the market; Ben & Jerry’s has released its new line of light cream pints ($5 each) starting today! Thinking of Ben & Jerry’s immediately brings to mind luscious ice cream loaded with plenty of chunks and swirls of delicious, calorie-laden goodness. After all, the company’s ice creams are iconic and known for being super indulgent. But rest assured, the new line of Ben & Jerry’s light ice cream, called Moo-Phoria, promises to never compromise on taste or wholesome ingredients. The delicious light ice cream, which is full of all of the same chunks and swirls fans love, has fewer calories, 60-70 percent less fat, and less sugar than regular ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s says the new ice creams have “no erythritol, sugar alcohols, or sugar substitute and we also sourced organic dairy for this new innovation.” Did we mention that there are three AH-mazing flavors to choose from? There’s Caramel Cookie Fix (vanilla with shortbread cookies and salted caramel swirls), Chocolate Milk & Cookies (vanilla and chocolate swirled with chocolate chip cookies), and PB Dough (chocolate with gobs of chocolate chip peanut butter dough).

And the calorie counts of these beauties? Caramel Cookie Fix comes in at 600 calories for the pint and only 150 calories per serving, Chocolate Milk & Cookies is 560 calories for the pint and just 140 calories per serving, and PB Dough is 640 calories for the pint and 160 calories per serving. In comparison, the popular Chubby Hubby is 340 calories per serving (which is a whopping 1,360 per pint!). If you’re the kind of gal who goes for seconds — and who isn’t? — then it’s great to be able to save 200 calories per serving, amirite?

Ben & Jerry’s is sending us samples to review so stay tuned for all the scoop, but if we know anything about B&J’s, these flavors are sure to please.

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(Photos via Ben & Jerry’s)