Having more control in your life is mostly a good thing. It helps you reach your goals, plan financially and feel your best. But we ALL know that control isn’t always possible (that’s an understatement!). That is, until you try pilates, a practice that’s all about concentration, precision and control of every movement. But before you pony up for a pilates gym membership, why not give the workout a test run using YouTube? We’re sharing seven of the best at-home pilates videos that you can do in the comfort of even the smallest living room.


1. The Ultimate 30-Minute Cardio Pilates Workout: What’s better than a pilates workout? A pilates workout that combines strength training AND cardio for a triple-threat workout sesh. Burn SF owner Lisa Corsello takes you through this heart-pumping 30-minute workout move by move, so you’ll never miss a beat. (via POPSUGAR Fitness)


2. POP Pilates for Beginners Total Body Workout: If you’re a pilates newbie, then this is the video for you. Cassey Ho at Blogilates walks through the basics for getting the most out of the practice: how to breathe, what great form looks like and all the lingo you need to sound like a pro. Bonus: no equipment required. (via blogilates)


3. Pilates for Beginners: This video is another great option for pilates beginners, but will have experienced pilates gals and guys sweating too. Angela and Nina cover everything from Superman and bicycle kicks to crunches and hip raises in this 30-minute class. Plus, Angela has a killer British accent that makes even the hardest workout fun. (via eFit30)


4. Total Body Toning for Beginners – Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho: LivestrongWoman teams up with our girl Cassey Ho to bring you a quick 15-minute full-body toning workout. The dreamy poolside setting will make you almost forget that you’re toning your arms, legs, abs, butt and everything in between. (via LivestrongWoman)


5. Pilates Abs Workout: An oldie but a goodie, this video from SparkPeople is a no-frills, all-fun abs workout that will have you mastering basic pilates moves (like planks, woof) and building abs of steel in no time. (via SparkPeople)


6. Ultimate Yoga Pilates SLIM DOWN Workout: Personal trainer MarC brings the heat with a no-shoes required, never-leave-your-mat pilates and yoga combo workout. She shows you variations of each move so that every fitness level can participate. If you need inspiration to finish the video, just take a look at her six-pack abs. (via HangTightMarC)


7. Best Pilates Workout for Leaner & Sexy Legs: Andrea Ramirez has a full series of pilates videos, but this one specifically focuses on toning your legs, butt and lower abs. Watch this video to strengthen those gams before a night of dancing. (via Andrea Ramirez)

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