Burned the toast? Forget climbing on a chair and frantically waving a towel over the angry smoke alarm. False alarms are history. The most recent device swooping into the automated home front, intends for home owners to breathe a bit easier. Dubbed as an anti-pollution smoke detector that keeps you connected to better protect your home, Birdi perches on your ceiling just like a traditional smoke alarm. It’s not just about fire anymore though; Birdi’s kicking things up a notch equipped with environmental sensors that can detect indoor air pollution, dust, pollen and humidity.

Besides letting you know when pollen and dust levels are high, this smart home gadget acts like a sort of neighborhood watch. If your neighbor has an emergency — say a fire — you will be alerted and be able to make it to safety before the billowing smokes comes flooding into your apartment or house. It also sends signals when there’s threat of natural disaster, such as a flood, tornado or earthquake.

The bane of the regular old smoke detector is when we’re cooking up a fine, medium-rare filet mignon and it suddenly starts screaming about the smoke. That’s not going to happen here. Birdi alerts you to hazards with a calm and serene chirping noise, allowing you to silence a false alarm right from your phone. High-pitched beeps are a thing of the past as well. When power levels are low, Birdi will send batteries automatically to your door.

If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like Nest Protect, the makers assure that the differences are massive. Birdi’s pollution sensors, open API and battery program go a step further than what Nest is offering. If you’re totally immersed in social media, you’ll be pumped to hear that the device is too. It even allows you to Tweet enthralling facts about the amount of dust in your home (more embarrassing than helpful?) and even get the DL on what’s happening at your neighbor’s home.

Interested in taking advantage of everything Birdi has to offer? Pre-order yours for $119 here.

What do you think of Birdi? Will you pre-order one (or two or three!) for your home?