Just as we can’t imagine Carrie Bradshaw without her nameplate necklace, Blair Waldorf without her headbands feels… so wrong. Blair’s headbands remain one of the most iconic TV style statements in pop culture, and if you’re still feeling all that Gossip Girl nostalgia 10 years later, we’ve got the best news for you. You can get the exact crystal headband Blair wore on her first day of school in season two. No, we’re not kidding!

Of course, Blair wore headbands of every variety, from thick and jewel-toned to thin and glittery, but the one she wore in the episode “The Ex-Files” was studded with crystals, befitting for the queen bee of Constance Billard. And in honor of the show’s 10-year anniversary, the designer of the pieces is re-releasing an exact replica, which you can pre-order right now.

Jennifer Behr, the designer behind many of Blair’s most gorgeous headpieces, announced on Instagram that she’s now selling a version just like the one worn by Meester on the show.

Behr captioned the photo from Season 2: “SPOTTED: your all-time favorite headband Blair wore on Gossip Girl is BACK on our site for a limited time, to celebrate 10 years since her TV debut. Get yours before S steals your thunder and does it first…”

But if you’re looking to channel everyone’s favorite sassy Upper East Sider, you’ll have to have a Waldorf-sized budget. The Double Crystal Scallop Headwrap ($325) is handmade entirely out of Swarovski crystals come with a hefty price tag to match. But wearing the *actual* crown of Blair Waldorf? That’s priceless.

Would you drop $325 to rock a crystal headband like Blair’s? Let us know @BritandCo!

(Photos via James Devaney/Getty)