Picture this: you’ve just returned triumphant from the local farmers market with an armful of gorgeous flowers for that upcoming major life event you’re planning (wedding, bestie’s baby shower, summer BBQ). Yes, you woke up early. You battled the crowds, threw some dirty looks to that lady who tried to cut (hey, maybe even an elbow or two — we didn’t see anything) and you did it! You scored your floral decor.

Now its just a matter of assembling those blooms into killer centerpieces and event accents. You got enough right? And remembered all those coordinating vases to hold everything? And you totally know how to put it all together just like the pros, right? Oh, wait. This DIY daydream is quickly becoming the stuff of Pinterest Fails and other nightmares.

Fortunately, Bloominous has a solution! Bloominous offers all of the supplies and the know-how to create your own floral arrangements — from the actual blooms, to the vases and complete instructions — in a series of floral kits you can order online. This is DIY you can actually do!

The team behind Bloominous decided to start the company after going through the process of planning their own wedding. Frustrated at the lack of resources available, they spent time working with actual wedding floral designers to create options for those looking to save money while taking a hands-on approach to their flowers.

Currently, Bloominous offers five collections to match all types of event decor: Party Pop, Vintage Cottage, Bohemian Desert, Country Charm and Eco Chic. Within each of these collections, you can choose the specific kits that meet your floral needs.

We’re talking boutonnieres, centerpieces, bridal bouquets — and even a Brit + Co favorite: floral crowns. Unsure of which collection works best for you? You can also opt for a trial kit that includes the all the supplies you need for a centerpiece and a bouquet. (We think these would also be perfect options for smaller events) Bonus: trial kits are currently 30% off and ship free!

Once you’ve mastered the art of floral arranging, you can head to Bloominous’ online farmers market to shop for flowers in bulk. The process is simple. Just choose your shipping box size and then pick your flowers. The site lets you know how much room you have left in your box as you add flowers to your cart. Think Amazon Prime Pantry for your flower buying needs!

This farmers market is also a great option once you’ve completed our own floral DIY class: Flower Arranging Made Easy that teaches you how to take flowers from bouquet to centerpiece and back again!

With so many options for your next event, your farmers market experience now can be all about those in-season fruits and veggies you can serve your guests. Your floral DIY will already be handled.

Have you ever taken a class to learn about floral arrangements? Or ordered a floral DIY kit online? Tell us how you bunch your blooms in the comments below!