As a self-proclaimed lazy girl with all-things makeup, I was immediately sold on the strobing trend. Even easy contouring is much too much for me, and so when highlighter (or something equally shimmery) replaced the set of face-sculpting supplies and yielded more subtle definition with a dreamy glow, I added the sheen to my five-minute makeup routine. But it turns out, there’s even an easier way to get a glistening complexion this fall just by using your blush like you’ve never thought to before.


We picked up the tip from makeup artist Dana Rae — who’s launching her own makeup line this fall — when we asked her about non-fussy ways to switch up your makeup routine from summer to fall. “When you’re done with your face and you’re doing your eye makeup, I always use the excess blush on my brush and dust it over my clients’ eyelids,” she said. “Not a big pop, but just a dusting of pink.” Dana said that distributing small amounts of color all over your face creates what’s called a color glow, which makes your face look healthier and even like you got a little sun. “It helps a lot to bring out almost every eye color,” Dana added. Not bad for a 30-second makeup hack.

If you’ve got a little more time to spend on your eyes, Dana suggests using your blush as a layer to make a go-to makeup look feel more of-the-moment. “Maybe I’ll apply a brown under a pink blush, or do pink on the bottom and then layer marsala over it, but to use a pink as a base is a really good option always but especially for fall.”

What hacks are you using in your fall makeup routines? Tell us in the comments below.