The Queer Eye guys are all over the place, and we still can’t get enough. When we’re not jotting down Antoni’s Whole Foods shopping list, tearing up over Karamo’s engagement video, or LOLing at their latest Nailed Itcrossover episode, we’re constantly checking our social feeds to see what the Fab Five is up to next. So we were thrilled to learn that interior guru Bobby has his own removable wallpaper collection with Tempaper. Can you believe?!

Berk’s collection features eight modern and geometric prints (ranging between $63 to $125) that complement just about any space, including rentals. And staying true to his home reveals on Queer Eye, they make a major impact. Scroll on for our top three fave patterns.

1. Connect in Black ($125): Inspired by connecting the dots on a map, this playful design provides just the right amount of movement without appearing too busy. We especially love it in a hallway, kitchen, or any other heavy-traffic area of the home.

2. Lines in Rose and White ($125): This trendy, muted pink goes with *everything*. The calming graphic print would work best in a bedroom or bathroom.

3. Spatter in Gold and White ($125): This Pollack-inspired metallic adds a touch of glam to any decor style. Opt for an accent wall, or cover the entire room for maximum style.

Be sure to check out Tempaper for the rest of Berk’s removable collection.

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(Photos via Tempaper)