FYI, you’ve been doing something wrong every day of your life for however long you’ve been on this planet. You do it every time you get out of the shower, sometimes when you get out of the pool and most times after you wash your hands — you dry off with a towel. We could call it a towel, but why don’t we call it by its REAL name: bacteria-growing blanket of festering filth!!!

Think of it like this: Wiping your bod on a towel that isn’t from-the-wash-fresh, would be like cleaning off your plate then putting it in the garbage. Then putting it back in your cabinet. Ew. We have a solution though. (We always do.)

The makers behind The Body Dryer want to take the “ew” out of an experience that should be fresh and clean, and only those things. They created a device that looks like a scale but can dry off your bod in 30 seconds or less, leaving you feeling — and actually being — like you should post-shower.

Choose hot or cold, step right up and super compressed ionized air is forced upwards at strategic angles that push water off of your body. You’re dry in under a minute, no towel needed.

The goal was to raise $50,000 using Indiegogo to bring The Body Dryer to bathrooms across the world, but they’ve more than doubled that with about $120,000 raised and days still left to go. The dryer will retail for about $250, but a $150 donation (+ $25 for domestic shipping) to the campaign will get you one by the fall at that nice price. If $150 sounds steep for your future e-towel, compare it to anything else like it — the Tornado Body Dryer is a standing air dryer that costs closer to $2,000. Even $250 seems like a deal now, doesn’t it?

Think nothing will replace the feeling of a warm, fuzzy towel straight from the dryer? How about doing less laundry AND saving the environment? And not covering yourself in bacteria blankets ever again. Huzzah!

Would you replace your towels with The Body Dryer? Is this too weird or the best idea you’ve ever heard? Share your thoughts below!