We can’t imagine there are too many days in life more exciting for a writer than the day you have your first novel published. Unless your fiancé proposes to you on that exact same day in a truly mammoth way, like, oh, say… using the pages of your very own book to do it!


That’s exactly what happened to writer Christine Reilly, who authored the recently published Sundays on the Phone to Monday: A Novel. Following years of spending long nights by her side as she typed away into the wee hours, Christine’s husband-to-be made the night of her book launch extra special by presenting her with a copy of her own words and telling her that “he had found something on the first page.” When she opened the book to see what he had found, she found this inside:

I read & said YES 💍💍💍💍!!!

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WHOA. Not only did Robert spend hours cutting the perfect ring-size hole into Christine’s pages (and sustain a finger cut in the process!), he actually saved all the cut-out pieces and put them into a ring box so that “he wouldn’t be getting rid of [her] words.” Oh. Em. GEE! If that’s not true love, we honestly don’t know what is.

The night we got engaged 💋 #latergram

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Here’s the happy couple, celebrating on the night of their epic engagement. Congratulations, guys. Your “story” is truly one for the books!

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(h/t Bustle, photos via @christinereillywriter + Getty)