We can all agree that it’s rough out there for a gal looking for love. There are more ways to meet someone than ever, but that also means mastering the art of swiping right, subscribing to the notion that shows like The Bachelorette *might* actually work and possibly relocating for a better chance at love. But there is good news for the singles among us: According to a study by the University of Binghamton and University College London published on Eurekalert, women actually come out on top when it comes to rebounding from relationships.

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The study found that women hurt — both physically and emotionally — more than men after a breakup, but recover more fully than men. Men simply move on, whether they’ve healed or not. These findings all come down to the way we are hardwired: Women have more to lose when looking for the “right” mate than men do, especially since we have evolved biologically to invest more in a relationship due to child-bearing responsibilities.

This means that, given the investment women have in mating, we’re much choosier than our male counterparts, and in turn, we feel our losses more fully. It might take more time for men to come to the realization that they have lost a potential mate, so they end up going out to “compete” again for a female. They ignore the grief and prolong their healing period.


Daters these days experience at least three breakups by the time they reach 30, with at least one of them wreaking major havoc emotionally and physically and resulting in a short-term loss of quality of life, or what the study aptly refers to as “Post-Relationship Grief.” But women are, to paraphrase Ms. Kelly Clarkson, able to take on the attitude of “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” and get back out there to look for another high-quality mate much sooner. Three cheers for womankind!

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