There are all kinds of dating apps out there: those for people that are trying to wean themselves off Tinder, those for the astrologically inclined and those for people obsessed with conversion rates. But some people still love good, old-fashioned Facebook for its transparency when it comes to mutual friends, and the dating app Hinge has figured out how to capitalize on that.


The dating app works *like* Tinder in the swiping sense, and that you have to set up your account and connect your Facebook profile to it. While Tinder and Hinge both show you mutual friends in common, Hinge goes the extra step to show you people who you are linked to via 2nd and 3rd connections.

The thinking is that any degree of separation or accountability (“I can background check him in two texts,” “She’s a friend of a friend so must be okay,” etc) can bring more peace of mind, but Hinge recently shared a study with The Cut that dishes how many degrees of separation are more likely to make a match.

Turns out, people are more willing to swipe right on a 3rd degree connection — that’s a friend of a friend of a friend for those not familiar with the jargon. And on top of that, women are FIVE TIMES more likely to swipe right on 2nd and 3rd degree connections vs someone random. New Yorkers, along with those in Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando and Kansas City, were more concerned with mutual connections. We don’t know the results of these matches, but if not successful, perhaps ladies need to be more daring, and dudes (or ladies looking for ladies) should swipe right on those who have mutual connections and know they’re more likely to progress to the chatting zone.

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(h/t The Cut)