The UK is home to sooo many of our favorite people: Keira Knightley, The Spice Girls, Benedict Cumberbatch, JK Rowling — the list goes on. Their fashion, art and accents have us wishing that a hop across the pond was actually a hop across a pond. If you’re a bit of an Anglophile like us and you love afternoon tea and all things Doctor Who, then you’ll definitely want to check out this list of Brits (besides our Brit!) we’re obsessed with on Instagram.

1. @chungalexa: If she wasn’t already a rockstar model, Alexa Chung might consider a career in professional ‘gramming. You’ll get behind-the-scenes fashion pics and anything fun and funny Ms. Chung decides to snap. She even does the occasional Insta takeover.

2. @beyondretro: Whoa. Vintage shopping just went upscale. This store is curated to a T, and the proof is in the looks they put together on Instagram. The next time we’re around one of these shops, we are going to do a serious vintage haul.

3. @fearnecotton4: Across the pond, she’s known as a television and radio presenter on Radio 1, and her fashion is always absolutely on point. Think girly feminine with a boss edge. She even runs an online retail site, Very.

4. @lilycole: She’s an actress and a model and her look is unforgettable. It’s no wonder she’s been chosen to model for the likes of Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Prada. You’ll catch the occasional model shot on her Insta, but mostly it’s pics from your average, 20-something high-end model.

5. @burberry: This brand is iconic London. When we see that black, red and white check, we instantly think of foggy, rainy fall days and double-decker buses. Is that just us? Follow for timeless fashion.

6. @theladydockers: Yep. That’s Lady Mary and Lady Edith dawning some ridiculous headwear. On screen, Mary may seem a bit up tight and forever somber, but actress Michelle Dockery has a ton of fun, judging by her Instagram.

7. @jxxsy: This is the account of Natalie Joos, who’s a writer, photographer and all around fashionista teaching us a thing or two about pattern mixing and color blocking.

8. @ritaora: It seems like only yesterday Rita was winning over our hearts (and our wardrobes) one fun patterned look at a time. Now she’s hot on the Billboard charts with the ladies of Black Widow and she’s seemingly unstoppable.

9. @stellakatterman: This lady has got some serious style. From adorable hats to flower crowns, her look is always great from head to toe.

10. @samsmithworld: Sam Smith, we love, love LOVE you. Your style. Your music. Your Instagram where you met Beyonce. We’ve never meant with such sincerity the phrase, “We can’t.”

11. @lapetiteanglaise: This British fashion blogger is kind of a big deal. Going on 15,000 followers, her blog and her Instagram La Petite Anglaise is a real powerhouse of #ootd inspiration with glances into the fashion world.

12. @officialmelb: We’re sorry Mel B, but you will forever be Scary Spice in our hearts. This Brit has invaded the States yet again, bringing her mega-pop fame on America’s Got Talent. But don’t worry, it looks like she and Baby Spice Emma Bunton are still besties.

13. @viviennewestwoodofficial: This woman knows the fashion ladies live for. She’s always on the cutting edge and we love a fearless designer.

14. @elliegoulding: It’s two Brits we love! You don’t often see Ellie Goulding in an apron, but if anyone can get a person cooking, it’s Jamie Oliver. We can’t wait for more hits from Ellie, but in the meantime we’ll follow her rockstar life via Instagram.

15. @caradelevingne: Pretty sure there’s not an Instagram list we can’t sneak Ms. Cara’s name onto. She British, beautiful, funny and most importantly, hysterically weird. Cara is here to stay, people!

16. @rokitvintage: The owners started by selling American denim to flocks of crazed fans, and now they have storefronts where they sell not only stylish finds, but ones that have been cared for. Each item has been washed and mended for 100% satisfaction.

17. @shewearsfashion: Kavita is a fashion blogger who’s always on the move. While her home is in Sheffield, she takes styling pics from her trips all around the world.

18. @pelicansandparrots: No more vintage store digging. This place is high class and tastefully unique. They’re an entire lifestyle brand, selling clothes, accessories and home goods.

19. @wahnails: Would we fly 10+ hours to get our nails done? No. Would we at least consider it? Absolutely. This nail art is super fly. They’ve got stiletto nails, hand-painted art and decals galore.

20. @hamishbowles: For nearly 20 years, Hamish Bowles has been the European editor-at-large for American Vogue so you can bet his fashion is classic and absolutely trendy.

21. @whitechapelgallery: Fancy British design? In the midst of famous landmark museums, you may want to swing by this gallery for a look at modern design. It’s a typography lover’s dream!

22. @absolutevintagelondon: If you’re ever in the UK and want to nail some vintage steals, look no further. This place is the best kind of thrift shopping because you know that everything is good. No, great.

23. @avenue32: Talk about luxury. Avenue 32 is relatively new to the world of high-end fashion, but they continue to bring their A-game with long-established brands.

24. @Marthaward: She’s a British stylist with a love for all things French. If it’s got lace or a bow, she probably owns it and wears it flawlessly.

25. @zannarassi: This lady knows her entertainment fashion! She’s senior fashion editor at E! News and a fashion correspondent for the TODAY Show. With newborn twins, we’re pretty sure she must never sleep.

26. @lilyallen: Her hair is forever changing colors, but Lily Allen will always be a poppy, hip-hop singer/songwriter who’s a complete showstopper.

27. @victoriabekham: This woman somehow handles extreme fame with stunning grace. Her husband is gorg, her kids are babes and we’re absolutely jealous of her life.

Do you have a favorite Brit on Instagram? We’d love to know in the comments!