Taste in music says a lot about a person. It’s a common question asked on a first date. We forge entire friendships on a shared favorite band, and when someone is just as huge a fan as you are of a musician, it can feel like the stars are aligning. And now, one dating app is allowing users to see a potential match’s taste in music before swiping yes or no.


Bumble, the ladies-first dating app, is teaming up with Spotify to allow users to display their musical taste directly in their profile. Clicking on a favorite artist on a potential match’s page will take users to Spotify to listen some more. As we all know, taste in music says more than just “I like this song.” Entire lifestyles and personalities can be linked to favorite genres of music. Two fans of indie rock are more likely to get along than a death metal fan and a top 40 addict.

Bumble users can expect the Spotify option to show up in their apps as it rolls out over the next couple of weeks. (Keep an eye on your Bumble profile settings.) When it does, Bumble will aggregate data from Spotify and display each user’s top artists. An update will roll out shortly after the release that will allow users to hide certain artists — so guilty pleasures are forever safe!

Get ready to find your (music) soulmate!

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(h/t TechCrunch, photos via Bumble + Getty)